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How to Host an Eco-friendly Halloween Party!

Published by Merideth Martindale

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Are you looking for an eco-friendly way to celebrate Halloween without making any kind of impact on the Earth? There are many different ways that this can be done! Being eco-friendly means choosing better ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. You can consider using invitations that are made of organic material as well as decorations and costumes. Using homemade options is the number one tip for planning an eco-friendly party.

The first step to an eco-friendly Halloween party is to send electronic invitations over the Internet. This is going to eliminate the use of any paper. There are tons of great websites that one can use for this kind of invitation. Plus you can design your own cards and add your own personalized invite! You can include that you are being eco-friendly and include any kind of special instructions for your guest to do the same.

Use as many organic or paperless decorations as you find. This is a great way to throw a huge party and not have any waste leftover. You can allow your children to do the decorating on the pumpkins which can include some kind of wood carving kits, drawing pumpkin faces and much more. You can then use the pumpkins when the party is over to make many different kinds of dishes to eat during the week. You can also start a compost heap with the left over parts of the pumpkins.

Serve as many different Halloween treats as you make or find. Use organic ingredients to make a pumpkin shaped cake and even organic Halloween cookies. Use fruits and vegetables to make trays for the guests to nibble on and serve the food on reusable plates and cups for the drinks.

When you send out your invitations, be sure to include “homemade costumes only” in the invitation. You must have some kind of costumes to have a Halloween party, it would not be a Halloween party without scary costumes. If the guest do not want to make something, then encourage them to wear something that has been used once and incorporate other ideas into the outfit. You can also look online for the many different kinds of budget or eco-friendly Halloween designs.

Throwing an eco-friendly Halloween party is not something that should be hard for anyone to do. There are small things that we can do here and there to protect our environment and throwing a fun party should be one. Just be sure to let your guests know up front about what kind of party you are having and ask them to help make the environment a better place for all of us to live in!


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