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How to Keep Kids Busy During Christmas Break: Fun, Budget Friendly Holiday Projects for Active, Happy Children

Published by Kittie Jelle

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Children always love having time off from school, but sometimes their delight does not mirror the feelings of the parents. Left to their own devices and without a way to channel excess energy, children may become screaming banshees or moody couch potatoes. By providing plenty of activities during the Christmas holidays, the parents can have some peace while the children stay busy.

Outdoor Activities Keep Children Moving

It’s common for adults to make their children go outdoors whether they want to or not, but this is rarely productive. Structured activities can be much more fulfilling, especially if the parents get in on the fun too. Snowball fights and sledding are winter activities that everyone can enjoy, and a great way to burn energy. If there is no snow, a trip to the local gym may be in order – indoor sports like basketball are always appropriate.

Holiday Themed Arts and Crafts

Christmas is a great time to get involved in craft projects, especially if the crafts may be used to decorate the house. Making paper snowflakes is fun, but won’t keep children busy for very long. It’s a good idea to invest in a large project that will take some days to complete, such as one of the modeling kits available from some toy stores. 3D puzzles are always a hit and can keep kids busy for long periods of time. For younger children, painting ceramic figurines with water-based paints is both time consuming and age appropriate.

Many Helping Hands for Christmas Baking

Children can have fun helping with Christmas baking, or baking alone if they are old enough. This is a great way for parents to get a head start in holiday baking or to involve the kids in creating edible tree ornaments. It should be a fun, stress-free time that can be shared as a bonding, family activity. Elaborate baked goods or cheesecake that needs precise stirring and handling should be left to another time. Younger children will take pride in making cookies for Santa all on their own.

Gingerbread cookies are exciting, especially when it comes to the decorating part. For something bigger, making a gingerbread house can keep children busy for a while, and is so entertaining that it may easily become a new family tradition. Templates for pieces of a gingerbread house are available online, or premade kits which already include all the candy and icing mix may be purchased from any grocery store during the Christmas season.

There are plenty of outdoor and indoor activities to occupy children during Christmas holidays. All all that’s needed is a parent to supply the necessary materials and incentives. Kids always have plenty of imagination to go around.

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