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How to Keep the Fun in Halloween

Published by Tona Bernstrom

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Tips for a Great and Safe Time

It seems that each year, Halloween is becoming more and more of a celebrated holiday. The industry of manufacturing and selling Halloween costumes continues to grow and become more profitable each year. Even adults have taken to wearing Halloween costumes more than ever before. I have been to professional offices, schools, most shops, and even hospitals where the staff are all dressed up in silly costumes.

And, of course, this is the most important holiday of all for candy manufactureers. It seems that a week or two after Labor Day, the front displays of all of the supermarkets are overflowing with candy displays. I would imagine that dentists do a great business shortly after Halloween!

With that in mind, there are certain guidelines that I think would make Halloween a much more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

  1. Make sure your children, especially the little ones, don’t have their faces so covered up by the
    costumes that they are wearing that their vision is impaired , or that their speaking and breathing could possible become affected.
  2. Make sure that the costumes fit properly so that the children do not trip or fall down because the costumes are too long. I have seen little three year olds walking down the street tripping along, stepping all over their ill-fitting costumes. It could be a disaster waiting to happen!
  3. If face make-up is involved, please make sure it is non-toxic, and made for children. It would be wise to keep it reasonably away from their eyes and mouth.
  4. This almost sounds too obvious, but with little ones especially, make sure there is lots of adult supervision. I have seen four year olds out trick – or -treating with their eight year old siblings. An eight year old is not responsible enough to be taking charge of a little one, especially on a night with so much mischief going on as Halloween.
  5. All trick-or-treaters should have a flashlight to light both roadways when crossing the street, and the walkways of the homes they are approaching.
  6. If a house is dark, teach your children not to approach it at all. If someone is welcoming trick-or-treaters, they will have it well-lit, with both a porch light on, and a light in a front room.
  7. A little courtesy would be more than welcomed by those giving out the treats. Teach your children to say thank you. Every year, I am greeted at my door by a group or two of sullen older children and preteens, who don’t bother to dress up, practically shove a pillow case in my face, grunt, take the candy and walk away without so much as a thank you. It can really take much of the enjoyment out of the evening. The only reason I still give them their treats, is I am afraid of getting my house covered with toilet paper or shaving cream!
  8. This is another obvious rule, but it can’t be repeated enough. When your children get home, after another fun Halloween, make sure they empty their bag of goodies, and you go over every treat to make sure it is properly factory wrapped . If it has a wrap that is just twisted at the ends, like some bubble gum, toss it. It should be wrapped so that it couldn’t have been opened and then closed again. Of course, anything home baked or home-made must be tossed. And make sure you explain to your children why you are doing this. They are never too early to be aware of certain safety issues.
  9. Make sure you don’t freeze some of those chewy chocolate treats that are so good when frozen and end up so stuck on the teeth, that they may pull out a filling or crown. It has happened to me twice while helping my kids try all the different types of candy. I should have known better!
  10. Most important, have a fun , happy , and SAFE Halloween!



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