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How to Keep Your Pets Safe On Halloween

Published by Toshia Dubon

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Halloween is filled with fun and adventure for the whole family, but taking along your pets can be a risky venture if they wander off to explore pumpkins, candles, and dive into the candy bin on their own. Avoid potential pet hazards this year with some tips on keeping your pets safe over Halloween:

  1. Hide the Halloween candy. Your diet isn’t the only thing threatened by the abundance of chocolate this Halloween season; chocolate can be toxic for cats, dogs, rabbits, and any other small pet that gets its hands on the latest roundup of miniature Snickers. Chocolate of any kind can even be lethal for your sweet pup, so keep chocolate and candy far from reach.
  2. Be wise about animatronics displays. Those creepy animated toys and robots that have turned your house into an Adams Family replica may be fun for the kids and trick or treaters, but might be causing disturbing behavior in your pets. Excessive barking, inability to sleep, and increased anxiety can all be a result of these toys and figurines throughout your house. Pets can be especially sensitive to changes in the environment, so it may be necessary to cut back on the décor if they’re becoming very irritable all of a sudden.
  3. Limit candles in the jack-o-lanterns. While these can look great from afar, many pets can put themselves in danger and knock these over easily. Prevent fire hazards completely by choosing artificial lighting for your hand-carved art instead.
  4. Don’t let your pets snack on the décor. Fringe, fake cobwebs, and fabric coverings are all fresh chew toys in the mind of your pet dog or cat. Avoid some serious digestive conditions (and a mess) by keeping these decorations far from their reach.
  5. Keep Fido at home on your trick-or-treat adventures. While it can be tempting to take your costumed pet along for trick-or-treating, you’re bound to stir up some trouble when they have a chance to run off on their own, or become distracted from all the neighborhood activity. Avoid the potential of a lost pet altogether by keeping them at home for a few hours while you round up your candy for the night; you can always let them out to play when you’re better able to supervise.
  6. Keep the candy corn and Halloween snacks at bay. Pets can easily choke on your Halloween-themed cupcakes, cookies, treats, and candy corn stash. Be mindful of where you store these items, as even the most curious cat can find its way into the cookie jar.
  7. Keep the pets in a cage during trick-or-treater visits. Some pets can scare kids away–and not in the way you hoped over Halloween–so leave the scaring duties to the masks and decorations you’ve set up, and let your pets watch from afar instead. Pets can also become overexcited from all the new faces at your doorstep, so keeping them at a distance will help ward off any unintended attacks or jumping.

Keeping your curious pets safe and sound through Halloween season is just as important as getting those pumpkins carved this year–especially since your cat really doesn’t have nine lives. Pet-proof your house and Halloween plans this year for a safe and happy Halloween!



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