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How to Look Good for Halloween

Published by Winnifred Raridon

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It’s about time for Halloween again, everyone, so I’m going to tell you how you can look good for Halloween!

Costumes: There’s many different kinds of costumes for you to choose from. You’ve got things like:

Superheroes: Whether you feel this is your only day that you can go around the street dressed like Superman or Batman, or even the incredible Hulk, or it’s just the only thing you can think of, Superhero costumes are always the way to go! What I say is, “When in doubt, bust it out.” Your superhero costume that is! Always purchase the costume of the superhero that is the most popular at the time. For example, Spider Man is probably the most popular right now because of all the movie and video game success he’s had. The Incredible Hulk also had a successful movie out not a long time ago, so that wouldn’t be a bad costume to get either.

Video Game Characters: Video game characters are also a good way to go for Halloween costumes, because of the wide array of video game characters available and the creativity that each character usually has. Sometimes you don’t even have to purchase a costume, you can just change your hairstyle a bit, or adjust your clothes some. For example, if you want to be the character Link from the Legend of Zelda, just get a green shirt and maybe some white or grey tights and put it on. Maybe get a green sleeping hat and wear your hair to the side, or split it in the middle. Whatever the case, video game characters make good Halloween costumes.

Things such as ghosts and the grim reaper: Things like ghosts and the Grim Reaper have gotten a lot of attention in halloween, and they’re a pretty common thing to see. If you have a costume like this, you’ll never feel left out or out of place. The Grim Reaper is actually one of my favorites, since the costumes usually vary. The design of the robes can vary, as well as the hood. On some of them, your face is completely covered, nobody can see it, but you can still see out. There are some that have masks that look kind of like scream, they just vary a lot. Go to your local party or costume shop and check them out.

Monsters: Being a monster is just as good as anything else, but the type of monster you are really does make an impact on your appearance. Try to become an eye catching monster such as Frankenstein, with the green skin and screws through the head (there are these things that you can put on each side of your head that will make it look like you have an actual screw going through your head.) Whatever monster is easiest for you though, go for it.

Here are some costumes in general that are pretty popular and never really lose their luster:


Grim Reaper

Jason (from Freddy vs. Jason) – All you really need is a hockey mask




Just stick with those if you’re in total denial. Happy Halloween!



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