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How to Make a Cheap Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Published by Hallie Ozane

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This Halloween, consider making a scarecrow costume for your child. This Halloween costume is fun, cheap, practical for trick or treating and easy to make.

For kids, Halloween is about staying up late, the candy and, of course, the costume. For you, a scarecrow costume is original, cheap, easy to make and can be used for boys and girls. This is also perfect for the younger children and their preschool/kindergarten parties where, nowadays, kids are asked not to wear costumes that are too scary.

Age Appropriateness

This costume is great for children three years and older. If you would like to do it for a younger child, simply omit the makeup to avoid smudges.

Things you will need:

  • plaid shirt, overalls and straw hat
  • hula skirt/straw/raffia
  • Halloween fabric
  • face makeup
  • mini corn husk and large diaper pin
  • scissors and utility knife
  • needle and thread

Steps for Making your Scarecrow Costume

1) For the clothing, raid their closet or go to a second-hand child’s clothing store like Once Upon a Child. Purchase a plaid shirt and some denim overalls. Your local party store/dollar store will have straw hats and try to find one with a weave that looks like it would fray easily.

2) Next, buy some cheap Halloween fabric swatches. You don’t even have to go to the fabric store for this as you can use anything: an old Halloween tablecloth, cloth napkins, tea towels, anything fabric with some Halloween pattern to it.

3) With your trusty needle and thread, haphazardly sew these patches on various parts of the overalls. No need to be a good sewer here – the scruffier, the better.

4) Cut the legs of the overalls so they are shorter than ankle height and do the same to the plaid shirt sleeves so they are above wrist height. This is so when you sew the straw on the inside of the pant legs and shirt sleeves, it can dangle out without getting in the way of their feet and hands.

5) For the straw, the best thing is to go to your local party store and buy a hula skirt. These are absolutely perfect as the straw is already attached to some material or rope that you can easily sew to the insides of the costume. Cut the straw to about three or four inches and sew to the insides of the shirt sleeves and the pant legs, making sure that it isn’t too long to dangle in the way of their feet and hands. (Scroll to bottom for picture)

6) Once you have your hat, take a utility knife and cut off the finished rim and fray the edges. Sew your straw into the inside of the hat so that it dangles around the back and sides long enough to cover your child’s hair. Take your diaper pin and from the inside of the hat, attach it to the mini corn husk so that the corn is fastened to the outside of the hat; a stuffed black crow would be cute here too. Mini corn husks can be found right next to the mini pumpkins and gourds at your local grocery store. (Scroll to bottom for picture)

7) For the makeup portion, some round red circles for the cheeks, some eyeliner for the smile, and perhaps, for an older child not likely to smudge the makeup, a triangle around the eye, and you are done!

This is also a practical Halloween costume for trick or treating as it is comfortable and can be layered for those chilly Halloween nights.

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