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How to Make a Christmas Candy Wreath: Creating a Pretty and Delicious Holiday Decoration

Published by Hisako Canson

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Imagine a brightly colored Christmas wreath made up entirely of candies!

A holiday candy wreath is a unique and eye-grabbing home decoration, offering up goodies that family and guests can sample over the holidays.

Materials for a Christmas Candy Wreath

  1. A wire wreath ring or a wire coat hanger that has been untwisted and fashioned into a circle, with the ends intertwined and taped to guard against sharp edges.
  2. A hole punch
  3. Brightly colored thin ribbon
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape
  6. An assortment of cellophane wrapped Christmas candies

How to Make a Christmas Candy Wreath

  1. Assemble all the candies and using a hole punch, punch a hole in one end of the cellophane wrappers.
  2. Separate candies, according to color, so that when they are tied onto the wreath ring, the colors can be alternated.
  3. Cut ribbon into 8″-10″ lengths. Thread candy onto the ribbon and tie ribbon ends to form a loop. Pass the loop under the wreath wire, holding onto the candies. Bring the loop up and pass candy through the opening, up and over to attach to the wreath.
  4. Continue adding candies and fixing them onto the wreath ring until the wreath is completely covered in candies.
  5. Add other edible ornaments such as candy canes or lollipops to decorate and finish the Christmas candy wreath.

What Candies Can be Used to Make a Candy Wreath?

  • Christmas peppermints are a good candy choice for decorating wreaths because these come in the traditional red and green colors.
  • An especially nice touch is the addition of milk chocolate presents. These small foil-wrapped chocolates resemble Christmas presents dressed up in wrapping paper with a bow on top.
  • Edible gingerbread house candy comes with loops that can be tied to the wreath.
  • Looped chocolate Santa ornaments can also be affixed to the Christmas candy wreath.
  • An assortment of Christmas lollipops can be tied or inserted into the completed wreath.
  • Candy canes can be used to finish off the candy wreath.

Make sure to hang the finished Christmas candy wreath in a high traffic area of the home so that the goodies can be seen and easily sampled.

Ideas for Candy Wreaths

  • Start a new Christmas tradition by making a Christmas candy wreath each year.
  • Make smaller candy wreaths to give out to family and friends.
  • Donate a Christmas candy wreath to a senior’s home.
  • If you are holding a Christmas party, raffle off the candy wreath and donate the proceeds to charity.

A Christmas candy wreath is pleasing to both sight and senses. After all, what could be better than an attractive Christmas decoration that is edible?

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