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How to Make a Christmas Wreath: Create a Real Holly Wreath

Published by Nichole Strahl

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Make a beautiful Christmas holly wreath from stiff wire and natural materials, or oasis ring, some twine, and natural evergreen stems gathered on a relaxing country walk. This Christmas crafting activity is a wonderful way to save money at Christmas, while recapturing some of the real magic of the season.


  • Some twiggy stems. I find dried nettle stems work very well as they are light and easy to fold or break and some stiff wire. An old wire coat hanger works wellORAn oasis wreath base frame (this is simpler!)
  • Natural looking twine, or reasonably sturdy dark coloured flexible wire.
  • Evergreen foliage on stems. Holly, ivy and pine are traditional, but do experiment with whatever is readily available. Gather plenty of materials; you will need quite a lot to make a generous looking wreath.
  • Pine cones with the tips painted white.
  • Dried orange slices. These are available from craft supply stores, or you can make your own with an electric home food dehyndrator.


  1. If you are using an oasis wreath base frame skip to step 3. If you are making your own wreath base bend the thick wire into a circle a little smaller than you wish the final wreath to be. Be careful to tuck in any sharp ends of wire that may stick out.
  2. Wrap bundles of twiggy stems onto the wire circle using string or flexible wire, overlapping and bending the stems to create a complete ring. Wind the string around the stems repeatedly until the frame feels reasonably solid. This can be quite messy so protect your floor before you begin work.
  3. Continue to wind the string around the frame while adding in the evergreen foliage. Arrange the greenery with stems pointing the same way around the circle.If using an oasis wreath base frame simply stick the stems into the oasis.
  4. Continue to add greenery until the whole frame is covered. You many need to trim unruly leaves and stems.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the overall effect add pine cones and orange slices.Wrap thin wire around the bottom of each pine cone, then attach this wire to the wreath base.Add orange slices with wire too, make a small hole just inside the orange skin, pass wire through this hole, then fix onto the wreath.

The Christmas wreath, like many other Christmas Traditions, has ancient Pagan origins in the festival of Yule.


Why not try these other simple home made Christmas decorations? And for a frugal Christmas, these tips for saving money at Christmas will help you to spend less while still enjoying a wonderful festive time!

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