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How to Make a Halloween Candy Corn Candle

Published by Cayla Brokaw

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Are you looking for some Halloween holiday fun? You could try making this layered pillar candy corn which is inspired by real candy corn.

To work on this project you need the following items:

  1. Sufficient amount of pillar blend wax to make your candy corn candle. You could use IGI 4625.
  2. Some amount of vybar or stearic acid that will make the candle wax slightly opaque. If you have opted for stearic acid add about 2 tbsp per pound of wax. If you choose to use vybar, add about ½ tsp per pound of wax.
  3. Good quality wick for your candle.
  4. Candy corn orange and yellow candle dye-liquid or chips, you could use yellow and red if you want to just mix the yellow and red to make orange.
  5. Please follow basic Pillar Candle making instructions for this project except for when you have to pour the wax; please pour only a portion at a time. Try to measure and mark the mold you are using to pour wax with a marker so that only the right amount of wax is poured.

There are two ways by which you could make a layered pillar candy corn candle and they are:

1) The one pot method

2) The three pot method

Making use of the multi pot method for your candy corn candle: This is the method you should use to make a layered pillar candy corn candle:

  1. First melt the entire amount of wax that you need to make your pillar candle.
  2. Add the stearic acid or vybar.
  3. Add the fragrance oil, choose the one that you like, a suggestion Bitter Creek Candle Supply has delightful candy Corn fragrance oil.
  4. After you have thoroughly mixed the additive and the fragrance, you can pour the first section.
  5. Pour 1/3 of the wax into the mould.
  6. Let it settle.
  7. While you are waiting the first portion to settle, divide the remaining wax into two parts. You can use a soup can or a separate melting pot for this.
  8. Add the color to the two parts of wax and make one part yellow and the other orange. Allow the first layer to cool. It doesn’t need to cool completely, but it should harden well enough on the top or the next layer will merge into the first. you have to be careful at this stage.
  9. Keep the remaining wax warm, almost at about 180 degrees. Poke the top of the first layer with a skewer to see how firm it is. At this stage you might find that the wax ahs just begun to leave the sides of the mould. At this stage you should pour the second layer.
  10. Slowly pour the yellow layer on top of the first layer. To be on the safer side, initially just pour about a ½ inch or so of the wax, let it cool then pour the remaining balance.
  11. Wait till the second layer is hardened then pour the third layer, save some wax from the third layer to top the candle. Alternately you can top it with a heat gun.

Allow the candle to cool, remove from the mould and look at your creation!

To skip the long steps you could try the one pot method, you can make this in one pot if you take care while mixing all the colors. The process is similar to the multi pot method except for the fact that instead of dividing the wax into portions and then coloring each portion separately, you just add the new color onto the previous color.

The first layer should be white, i.e. no color should be added.

You can make the second layer yellow by adding a yellow colorant. The third layer would be orange; here you have two options either add enough orange colorant into the orange to give you the right shade or add a little red colorant to the yellow that will give you a nice deep orange. Allow the layers to cool.

You can use this method to make any layered candle where the colors are added on to another. You could make the first layer white the next yellow and the third green. You could make the green layer by adding yellow to blue. Similarly create any color combination that you like.



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