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How to Make a Halloween Gift Basket for Teenagers

Published by Valene Streich

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Give that Teen Some Tricks and Treats This Year!

It can be difficult at times to love and affection in ways that are appreciated to teenagers. Hormonal changes and the stresses from school and peers often make teenagers unreceptive to gestures of affection from adults. If you are looking for a way to express your love and affection to one such teenager, take the opportunity this Halloween to create a unique and thoughtful gift basket that will surely be loved and appreciated. This holiday article will tell you all you need to know to make this Halloween one to remember for that special teen.

Choose Your Halloween Gift Basket For Teens. A standard wicker basket when creating such a gift is always a fine choice, but a little bit of thought and creativity can turn the “basket” into an extra gift or a practical piece of room decor. A travel makeup case, canvas tote bag or plastic milk crate can all be used to store your gift basket items and will ensure that the “basket” will be put to good use long after the Halloween goodies are enjoyed.

Line Your Halloween Gift Basket For Teenagers With An Extra Special Surprise. Searching through the items in a gift basket is always such fun and a very memorable part of receiving the gift. Surprise your teenage gift recipient by lining the basket with a great fleece hooded sweatshirt or a sports jersey. Finding the surprise gift at the bottom of all the smaller goodies will surely delight that special teen.

Mix Halloween Themed Goodies With Ones That Reflect The Teenager’s Personality. Combining a mixture of items that represent the holiday as well as gifts that your teenage gift recipient will be sure to love is a wonderful way to keep the holiday feeling and ensure he or she will truly love the presents. Think horror movie DVDs as well as a current favorite or two, an orange pair of hoop earrings and a charm for her favorite bracelet. A CD of music by his favorite band can be nestled in the basket next to a soundtrack of spooky noises to play on the family stereo while giving treats to the neighborhood kids. A few splashes of Halloween inspired items are just enough to make the gift basket a very fun and festive. Other gift ideas to fill your basket are movie theater passes, gift cards to favorite Internet or local stores, fun clothing items such as novelty socks or scarves, jewelry or locker or room decor such as bumper stickers, sports pennants or flame less candles.

Don’t Forget The Candy For Those Teenagers! Teenage girls and boys may have given up the tradition of Trick or Treating on Halloween, but they still love candy. As mindful as you are of keeping candy consumption to a minimum, Halloween is a perfect holiday to relax the rules a bit and enjoy a few sweet treats. Chocolate bars, gum and fun candy such as Sour Patch Kids, Twizzlers and Good ‘N Plenty are great treats to include in your Halloween gift basket. Movie Theater size boxes of candy are also a great choice and pair nicely with a DVD or two.

Include A Silly Halloween Card With Your Gift Basket. If expressions of profound sentiment will embarrass your teenager (and they often do), include a fun Halloween card instead wishing him or her a spooky night filled with more treats and tricks. Your feelings of love and affection for your gift recipient will come shining through in the thoughtful gift basket, without need for a sentimental card.



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