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How to Make a Venetian-Style Halloween Mask

Published by Wilford Witvoet

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Venetian Masks were worn in Italy during the Carnival of Venice (Wikipedia). Venetian masks are also very popular at dances and balls. There are many events and occasions that use Venetian Masks. Some events include costume parties, circus performances, holidays, and more. Venetian masks are very elegant and dramatic that is why they are great for Halloween. Venetian masks can be made from all different sizes, and materials. This guide will help you learn how to make a full face covered homemade Venetian mask. Venetian masks can be made out of all kinds of materials! The Venetian mask you will make will be affordable and a great Halloween costume.

Step 1: Get your Materials!

The first step to do to make your Venetian mask is to get your materials. For this mask you will need plaster of Paris, Vaseline, gold or silver craft paint, white craft paint, glitter, sequence, string or thread, and any other accessories that you think will go great on your mask.

The best places to get these materials are at your local craft store like Michaels, or Joanns. When shopping for materials always look for sale and clearance items that will help you save money.

When buying plaster of Paris remember to buy the model kind that will be okay to put on your face.

Step 2: Prepare your materials and design

Before even starting to make your mask you should prepare all your materials, and work station. You should also either draw or think about the design you want on your mask. To prepare for the plaster of Paris and painting make sure to put newspaper or a sheet on the floor and table that you are working in. By doing this you will avoid cleaning up a big mess later. You make also want to get plastic or paper plates to put all your material on.

Step 3: Make your Mask

When making your mask you will need someone to help you with this part. Prepare your plaster of Paris. (Remember to follow the directions on the box when mixing and molding).

For this step you will have to prepare your face for the mold. You can also use a volunteer if you don’t want to do your face, but if you do your face you will need a helper. Before putting the plaster of Paris on your face you want to make sure to put Vaseline on before hand. The Vaseline will help take the mold off after it sets.

After putting the Vaseline on make sure to close your eyes and mouth when putting the plaster of Paris on your face. Let the mold set until it is semi hard. (Remember to follow the instructions on the plaster of Paris box).

After the mask hardens carefully take the mold off your face. Let mask completely dry before you start decorating.

While your mask is drying be sure to wash and clean your face off.

Step 4: Preparing your mask for painting

After your mask is dry you want to prepare your mask before painting. For this part you will need a knife or razor blade to cute out the eyes. You want to do this very carefully so you don’t ruin the mask, but this will help you see when you put it on. You also want to make a small hole on each side of the mask so you can tie the string on. After cutting the eyes and holes out you are ready to paint.

Step 5: Paint your Mask

Now you are ready to paint. You first should put white paint on your mask and let that layer dry. After the white paint is dry you can start being creative. You can use either the silver or gold paint or any other color of your choosing. To make a simple mask you can paint around the eyes and top of the head of the mask, and leave the cheeks, mouth, and chin white. Let second layer of paint dry.

Step 6: Decorate your mask

This is also the fun part of making your mask. Here you get to decorate your mask. Be as creative as you want. Put sequence, glitter, ribbon, feathers, and whatever else you want. To put on decorations be sure to use a glue gun, or glue stick. Let mask dry again.

Step 7: Put on your string

Now you want to tie your string to the holes you made earlier. After you put the string on your mask is ready for Halloween. You may also want to make a outfit that goes with the mask or get a cape to wear with it.



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