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How to Make Christmas Gift Tags: Save Money by Creating Hand Crafted Labels for Holiday Gifts

Published by Margarett Icard

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If you are looking to save money this holiday season, the perfect way to do so is to cut back on gift wrapping expenses. Some easy ways to do this are to create your own homemade gift wrap, use natural embellishments to trim your presents, and to create your own homemade gift tags.

Use Old Christmas Cards as Gift Tags

A unique way to create your own customized gift tags is to recycle holiday cards. Instead of throwing away the Christmas cards that you receive, save them and use them as gift tags next year. When the season is over, simply go through the cards that you received and put aside the cards that you think will look nice as gift tags. This is subjective of course, but there are a few simple guidelines to follow that will make this easier to edit down:

  • Choose cards that do not have writing on the reverse side of the cover. If they do, you will not have a place to write your message.
  • Select cards that are small, or that have a specific portion that you can cut out.
  • Do not overlook cards that are big. These cards may contain several images that you can cut out and use as tags individually. For instance, a card with four Christmas ornaments across the front will yield you four gift tags if you cut out the four ornaments separately.

Use Your Computer to Make Gift Tags

The computer is a great way to create gift tags. There are many different ways to design your own tags and to give them your own special touch.

Use mailing labels to make quick and easy stick on tags. If you are pressed for time, make simple “to” and “from” tags and print off a page. If you are feeling a bit more creative, add some color or clip art for some extra flare.

You can also print tags on colored paper of your choice. Generally, a heavier stock paper works best. Simply print, cut out and use a hole punch to make a hole that will allow you to attach the tag to the gift. If you are feeling crafty, use a specialized scissor, such as a pinking shear to create nice edges. Attach the tag to the present with a fancy ribbon, like grosgrain, or even a nice piece of jute, depending upon the paper you are using. If you make your own semi homemade paper, you can easily coordinate your tags into a theme.

There are many websites available that offer templates to create your own projects. Some have a nominal annual fee, like American Greetings, but this fee gives you access to all of the create and print projects available on the website, including free greeting cards.

Making your own gift tags is a great way to save money this Christmas. Get the family involved and make it a fun craft using recycled cards and stock paper and scrapbook items that you may already have lying around the house.

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