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How to Make Easy and Adorable Halloween Greeting Cards

Published by Winnifred Raridon

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Halloween has become big business in chain stores all over the country, much like Christmas. Even in my own small town, residents embrace this spooky “holiday” by adorning their homes with orange twinkling lights, scary witches, straw stuffed scarecrows and illuminated jack-o-lanterns. Being a big fan myself, I like to send all of my girl friends a cute, yet creepy, Halloween greeting card. And this year, I will be making my own hand crafted designs. Here is a simple, yet whimsical, idea for a homemade witch’s hat Halloween card:

First of all, purchase a stack of black 81/2 by 11 card stock paper at a craft or scrapbooking store. Then, cut each piece in two and fold them in half to form small cards. Next, locate the Halloween section at your local scrapbooking shop and choose several pieces of lively 12 by 12 patterned paper.

Now, using the decorative Halloween papers cut out triangular shapes for festive witch’s hats. For my card, I employed a layering affect using two different hat patterns. Then I took a thin strip of black paper and glued it to the bottom of my hat and added a sparkling buckle by using a gold square sticker. You can also use sequins, rhinestones or even a small button for your buckles.

To make your witch’s hat really pop, secure it to your card with raised foam adhesives. But, before applying it to the black card stock, sprinkle a handful of small orange garland strands onto the back of the hat containing the adhesive and then stick it to the center of the card for a shimmery backdrop. Orange garland is not difficult to find during the month of October. Check the Halloween department at your local Walgreen’s or Target and you will probably find garland along with indoor and outdoor lights and other seasonal adornments. You can cut up and use colored garland for other homemade projects, scrapbooking pages and even Christmas cards and tags.

Inside your card, apply a small piece of white card stock and then print the phrase “best witches!” And to really add some bling to your homemade Halloween cards, consider utilizing a fun product called Stickles. Stickles can be purchased for just a few bucks at a craft store. Stickles are small bottles of sparkly liquid that easily add pizzazz to any craft. Squeeze a few drops on your hat and let dry for a dazzling result.

These fun and festive homemade witch’s hat cards can also be used as invitations to your next Halloween bash!



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