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How to Make Extra Money During Thanksgiving Break

Published by Hoyt Shen

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Many students will travel home from a college or university during Thanksgiving break with time to spend and no spending money. Students may be able to use this time to their advantage by providing helpful, seasonal services. The combination of autumn weather, family gatherings during the Thanksgiving holiday, and upcoming Black Friday sales can make the fourth week of November a time of high demand and work opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur.

Home Improvement and Home Maintenance Jobs During the Holidays

Many homeowners struggle with a constant barrage of leaves near the end of November. Controlling leaves is a job that requires a significant amount of time and effort for many people, and some will willingly pay someone else to take care of the leaves on the ground and in the gutters. Students in colder climates might offer snow removal or provide assistance with insulating the pipes, etc. Mowing the lawn, winterizing a flower garden, or providing other exterior maintenance to the home or yard may also be jobs that many people will readily pay someone else to provide during the busy holiday season.

If attempting outdoor maintenance, ensure that proper safety measures are incorporated and limitations are communicated to prevent injury or misunderstandings. It is also important to be aware of local laws, such as burning bans or required burning permits, if appropriate.

As people prepare to entertain guests and families for a holiday dinner, offering special Thanksgiving housecleaning services may be met with enthusiastic responses. Those who are willing to wash windows, clean the refrigerator and stove, provide minor or major home repairs, replace light bulbs, or move furniture may be offering great peace of mind to those who are unable to complete those tasks due to physical or time limitations.

Holiday Babysitting and Caregiving Services to Earn Extra Spending Money

Thanksgiving is a time that many families enjoy together, but offering to babysit or providing care for someone with special needs may provide a much needed break and the opportunity for others to enjoy some special time away. Many babysitters and caregivers are in particularly high demand during the holidays, especially when a big event is taking place.

Sometimes a family may merely wish to have a playmate for a young person who can accompany the family on vacation or even at home. Offering tutoring services for children who are struggling academically may also provide a helpful short-term service. Families may also be looking for someone who can care for pets during the Thanksgiving Break as well.

A caregiver of an adult or child may be pleasantly surprised at the thought of having some time of respite. Those who are training to become nurses, doctors, or home aides may be in particularly high demand to provide respite care for someone with special needs – check with laws regarding scope of practice, such as providing medications.

Thoroughly reviewing a plan of care, special needs, how to properly use adaptive devices, etc. would be necessary before accepting responsibility for an adult or child who needs special physical or mental care. Knowing safety measures, such as infection control, proper body mechanics, effective communication skills, etc. can help a caregiver to provide safe and appropriate care.

Those who wish to babysit or provide other care services should be properly trained in CPR, first aid, stages of development, childhood safety, food allergies, and other topics related to individual needs. Experience and references are helpful, particularly if the parents, caregivers, or children do not personally know the person offering to babysit. Ensure that contact information is available in the case of an emergency, and always ask about any special needs or concerns related to each child or adult. It is better to ask than to assume.

Retailers and Businesses Look for Seasonal Help During Thanksgiving Vacation

Black Friday sales mean extra business and extra help needed. Many stores may be willing to hire someone for seasonal work, particularly during those times when they expect large crowds. Some places might hire for cash on the spot if their need greatly overwhelms the staff available. Those who have previous experience at a store may be particularly likely to be offered seasonal work opportunities.

Restaurants may also have an increase in business and might offer short-term work opportunities, particularly to those with previous experience and great people skills. Those with special training might be able to find part-time opportunities during Thanksgiving Break as well. For example, an exercise instructor or lifeguard might be able to fill in for a regular instructor or lifeguard who will be traveling for the holidays.

Students who have a talent for making crafts or jewelry, woodworking, etc. may find that they may be able to sell their inventory during Thanksgiving Break. Those who have extra items such as music, furniture, the latest fashions, or electronics may have a successful yard sale or might try selling at a flea market. Students who have an eye for organization might offer to organize closets, photographs, tools, or other items around the house. People interested in photography might help families create a special one-of-a-kind Christmas photograph while those with experience in computers may offer to create Christmas letters for families or provide one-on-one computer assistance, upgrades, virus checks, and more.

How to Make Money During Thanksgiving Break

Students who would like to earn some extra cash may find that Thanksgiving Break offers a variety of chances to make money. As the busy Christmas season quickly approaches, many people may be overwhelmed with work and home responsibilities and may welcome offers for services such as home maintenance and improvement or caregiving and babysitting. Students might also look for opportunities for seasonal work at local retailers or try selling their own goods. Becoming a short-term entrepreneur can give valuable experience for entering the workforce in the future.

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