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How to Make Money on Halloween

Published by Agustin Hayth

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If you plan ahead and post fliers you should be able to host a spectacular neighborhood carnival to make some extra money. You may choose to hold it in your garage, the neighborhood park, club house or in a cul de sac. You might also need permission from your homeowner’s association to block off a section of the street. The HOA will advise you regarding whether or not your event requires a permit and if a law enforcement presence is needed.

Make your event even more appealing by interjecting contests. For example, you could host a Halloween Costume Contest or potato sack race. The prize can be as simple as a bucket of candy and a certificate or as elaborate as a cash prize. Both the kids and their parents will be forever indebted to you for this low cost entertainment solution.

To make your event lucrative, you should strongly consider a venue where there is little to no cost involved (i.e. your garage), charge an entry fee of $2-3 per person, sell game tickets for 50 cents each along with hot dogs, drinks and bottled water.

Games that are oldies but goodies are bean bag toss, bobbing for apples, horse shoe toss and cake walk. These timeless classics are sure to please.

If you really want your guests to remember this event, dream up a way to include a haunted house. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to create-it just needs to be scary and fantastic. Be sure that you post a sign that notifies guests that they enter at their own risk. This will release you as an event planner from any potential liability claims. I would lean towards using the element of humorous surprise to give guests a jolt as opposed to creating a down right frightening haunted house.

Other carnival activities might include hair color spraying, face painting and temporary tattoo application. My kids love temporary tattoos and opt for butterflies and Disney images. Choose an assortment for boys and girls of all ages in order to reach a broader audience. Pricing should be moderate so that all party goers will have an opportunity to patronize the various offerings of your event.

You might also consider renting a moonwalk, dressing your friends and family members in costumes to greet your guests, turning balloons into animals for added fun and even renting an animal petting zoo are other ways to add to your event as well as increase revenue.

If you decide not to plan a carnival of this magnitude, you can tone it down and offer a portion of these services in your front yard. You could simply paint faces, apply temporary tattoos or spray hair with fun colors and earn some extra cash. All you’ll need are face paints, an assortment of temporary tattoos, colored hair spray, signage, plenty of change and you’re in business. It may also be a good idea to put signs up the week of Halloween so that the kids in your neighborhood will anticipate your event. Keep in mind that your neighborhood will also be visited by guests from surrounding neighborhoods on Halloween. Hence, the opportunity to make money increases. So get out there and market your event by placing fliers in public places such as your local grocer, parks, and laundry centers.

Whatever you decide, ensure that it’s fun from a child’s perspective, so that all will enjoy and look forward to your event year after year.

Happy Halloween!!!



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