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How to Make Natural Christmas Wreaths: Make Seasonal Table or Door Decorations Using Leaves and Seed Pods

Published by Phylicia Ashkettle

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Unique and beautiful wreaths for the front door and for table decorations can be made by using bunches of herbs, evergreen leaves and needles, various seed pods, decorative twigs and other foliage such as Old Man’s Beard. Add some spices such as the lovely star shaped anise, the almost invisible but strongly scented cloves, and the round bark of the cinnamon, and create a delightful festive decoration.

Herb Leaf Wreath

Take a straw or foam wreath. If it’s foam, decorate with dark green ribbon, or ivy leaves. Collect bunches of different coloured herbal leaves, such as the silvery sage, variegated sage, bright green mint or lemon balm, dusty green oregano, tiny bright green thyme, and silvery green rosemary. Also add, if wished, evergreens such as holly leaves, ivy or green and blue spruce.

Tie bunches of the same herbs together with coloured cotton. Then arrange the bunches on the wreath, attaching with small pins, or, if using a straw wreath, simply sticking the stalks through the straw. Proceed until the entire wreath is covered, and either hang on the door for a fragrant welcome or lie flat on a dish on the table or radiator. Spray every now and then with water to keep the wreath looking fresh.

Additions to the Herb Leaf Wreath

  • To add extra colour and texture, add a candle at the bottom if it’s a hanging wreath, or four candles if it’s a table decoration.
  • Add small bunches of coloured berries such as red holly, rose hips, or yellow, orange or red cotoneaster berries.
  • Add some cloves, sticking them into the wreath, or some star anise, or some cinnamon sticks.
  • Add some unusual shaped or coloured twigs.

Berry Wreaths

These bright and colourful additions to a table or a front door are easy to make. Simply take a foam or straw wreath, and cover with ribbon, or ivy leaves if desired. Tie together with coloured or plain ribbon bunches of rose hips, black sloe berries, dark blue juniper berries, or orange, red, or yellow cotoneaster berries.

Arrange in patterns on the wreath or place the bunches of berries randomly until the entire wreath is covered. Secure to the wreath with small pins if necessary. If wished, candles can be added, and cloves, star anise, and cinnamon logs can be added for a lovely fragrance. You can also use fruit, such as small green apples or oranges.

Seed Pod Wreaths

Check the forests and the hedgerows – and the garden centres, or friends with gardens! – for unusual seedpods. The most common are pinecones, and many different shapes and colours are available, from grey to a light, bright green. There are also many sizes, from quite large to very small. Interesting seedpods include those of the decorative poppy, and lotus flower.

The pods can either be left natural, sprayed with silver or gold colour before using, or sprinkled with glitter after assembly. Collect as many seed pods as needed, and decorate a straw or foam wreath with them, either attaching with ribbon, or by pushing the stem into the wreath. Add accessories such as candles, ribbons, and for extra scent – star anise, cloves pushed into the wreath, and cinnamon sticks.

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