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How to Make the Best Halloween Goodie Bags

Published by Alisha Fierst

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Who doesn’t love a goodie bag? Whether you’re handing out goodie bags to trick-or-treaters or at your own Halloween party, you’ll need treasures to put in your bag. You’re also going to want a pretty cool bag to use. How do you make a goodie bag? Follow these simple steps:

  1. First you need to decide what kind of bag you’re going to use. Do you want to make them or do you want to buy them? You can always pick up a quick and easy Halloween goodie bag at stores like Wal-Mart. You can also find goodie bags at places like The Oriental Trading Company. If you’re going to make your goodie bags, get paper lunch sacks and decorate them. You can use paint, stamps, foam stickers, or whatever else you want. You can even cut out little pieces of fabric in the shape of scarecrow clothes and glue them on. Cut out a little construction paper pumpkins for a head and glue it on. Glue on little bits of straw for hands and feet.
  2. Now it’s time to decide what to put in your goodie bag. Aside from candy, I love the Oriental Trading Company for goodie bag goodies. Here are some suggestions:

Reese Cups are great, but some kids may have peanut allergies. Stick to mini Hershey Bars, Rollos, or other popular candies. Include some sort of hard candy too. Most parents will toss everything except the hard candy because of the ease of injection. If you can find hard candy in something sealed, that works great. Check the Dollar Tree: www.dollartree.com

When it comes to inedible goodies you have to include the basic Halloween rings. Spider rings are available just about everywhere around Halloween. You can pick up 144 of them for $4.99 at the Oriental Trading Company. Other than that, you should choose more unique and memorable.

Glow in the Dark Costumed Rubber Duckies are cute and they’re tons of fun. The Oriental Trading Company offers 24 for $9.99. They are mini, so these duckie will leave space in your goodie bags for other things, like Glitter Halloween Tattoos. Tattoos are incredibly popular with kids and they love the glittery ones. You can afford to put a couple of these in each goodie bag because you can grab 72 for $4.99! You should be able to find these at Wal-Mart as well, but they are usually more expensive.

Flashing Skeleton Gliders are pretty popular. Lucky for you they can be found at $5.47 per dozen! These are little balls with flashing skeletons. Kids will have a lot of fun with these on Halloween night. Among other Light-up toys, are Light-Up Eyeball Keychains. These keychains have little LED lights for pupils. Your house will be the favorite stop on Halloween night with things like this in your goodie bags!

Other clearance items from Oriental Trading Company include Halloween Dog Tag Necklaces, $2.97 for a dozen. Jack-O-Lantern Whistles will be a favorite among kids. What kid doesn’t love to make tons of noise?

Regardless of what type of goodie bag you choose, most of the things in the bag should be inedible. Parents will appreciate your goodie bags more because kids get so much candy at Halloween. Kids will appreciate your goodie bags because there will be tons of fun little tattoos and toys to play with after all of the candy is gone. The most important thing is that you choose candy and toys you like and you have fun with it!



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