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How to Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments: Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments Create Memories

Published by Leah Tredwell

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The holidays are a special time of year. Everyone loves Christmas with the twinkling lights, gifts and the Christmas tree. Decorating the Christmas tree is a special time for many families. Making your own ornaments with your kids can spark a holiday tradition that carries on throughout the years. Making Christmas tree ornaments is wonderful to do in groups too. There are many simple to do Christmas ornaments that you can make, even if crafts are not your thing. Here are some examples.

Decorate a Christmas Ball

Buy some plain colored Christmas balls. You can even find these at a thrift store inexpensively. Now glue on some ribbon and trim in a pleasing pattern – using craft glue – then write the person’s name or the year on the ball. Use glass or permanent markers to write on the balls.

Another easy idea is to buy clear, glass Christmas ornaments that are made just for crafting. The top piece comes off so you can fill the balls. Put in some shiny tinsel, red or green glitter, tiny toys or even a miniature stuffed animal. Decorate the outside with ribbons and trim and you have a beautiful keepsake ornament.

Bake Some Christmas Ornaments

Children enjoying baking cooking and Christmas cookies are especially fun to make. They are also easy to turn into ornaments for on the Christmas tree. Stained glass window cookies are lovely hanging on the tree with their hard candy centers. Gingerbread men cookies and a country touch and smell delicious on the tree. Cinnamon playdough makes yummy smelling ornaments. Simply use cookie cutters to cut out your favorite shapes, poke a small hole in the top, let dry, add ribbon and hang! What could be easier? Baked ornaments can even be sprayed with a coat of shellac to preserve them.

More Great Ideas for Home Made Christmas Ornaments

For outdoor lovers there is a wonderful array of craft supplies for making holiday ornaments. Pinecones can be turned into beautiful tree ornaments by sprinkling glitter on the tips of the “petals” (after adding a thing layer of glue) and hung on the tree with a bow. Small branches, shells, nuts and acorns can all be turned into Christmas ornaments with a little imagination.

Candy canes are the perfect foundation for all kinds of wonderful ornaments. Make candy cane reindeer or simply add ribbon and hang. And don’t overlook the fun of making your own Christmas garland. String popcorn and cranberries onto colorful yarn and you have the beginnings of an old fashion Christmas. Home made Christmas ornaments are wonderful creations that allow you to enjoy your kids today and create a memory for the future. Make some with your kids this year.

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