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How to Organize a Halloween Prom Dance at Your School

Published by Kira Bloom

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Its every teenagers big night! Everyone wants to make it memorable of course, but how? Why not have a themed Prom this year! Better yet, make it a Halloween prom! Don’t know where to start? Don’t sweat, here are some simple guidelines to having a fun filled, creepy prom night! First of all, let it be known about the prom idea! Make sure this years prom invitations are are creepy and very festive for this time of year. If you go with a black and orange theme, be sure to plan the invitations accordingly. Perhaps have a background of cobwebs, spiders and etc. This is a Halloween prom! Should you dress in your formal wear? Of course not! Tell guests to wear their best costume! Rather it be something scary, or elegant, tell them to dress for this Halloween night! Hold a prize at the end of the night for the best costume. That way, everyone will show up looking their scariest!

Decorations are easy, it just takes a bit of imagination. Think first of all, what type of Halloween theme you’re going for? Is it elegant or traditional? If its traditional, think accordingly with the decorations. Things such as plastic spiders on the tables, ghost hanging from the ceiling and etc. If you’re going for a more elegant theme, I would recommend candles as center pieces for the tables. Orange and white. With black rose pedals scattered throughout the tables and floors.

Make the atmosphere creepy! Keep the lights dim for that scary feeling for this Halloween prom. Borrow a fog machine to give the dance floor the right touch of the Halloween spirit. It will make the guest feel like they’re dancing on clouds.

Whats a Halloween prom without the right music! Purchase a CD with the great Halloween classics! Songs such as the Monster Mash and etc. Want more of a creepy feel? Play music that inspires this season. Sounds of the night, screams and groans, the works!

Don’t bore your prom guests with normal food! Put some thought into it for this Halloween Prom. Make all of your food related to dead body parts! Make the punch look like blood, and have creepy spiders and fingers all over the serving table. Perhaps Freddy Kruger as the server!

Want to scare the pants off your prom guest? Hire someone to dress as the famous, horror killer, Micheal Myers. Make him walk around the room all creepy and such. Sneaking up behind the guests when they least expect it. This will give your guests something to remember, and they’ll never be bored. They’ll spend all night just looking for the creepy Micheal!

This year, give your prom guest something to remember. Don’t bore them with sparkle balloons, and the over rated dresses and suits. Give them something to make them want to stay till the very end! Have a happy Halloween!






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