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How to Organize a Halloween Trade Show in Your Town

Published by Aaron Zellefrow

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Having a Halloween trade show in your town can be a fun event for both the visitors and the venders. Halloween is a fun holiday for kids and adults alike, who doesn’t like dressing up and getting candy! If you would like to plan a Halloween trade show in your area you will have to secure a location, get venders and retail shops to rent a space at the event, decorate the building and advertise in the local newspaper. This sounds like a lot but it really isn’t

In order to make your Halloween trade show a success you need to be organized and to be totally organized you should have an assistant, or a trade show committee that you assemble from your friends, and local area businesses. Give each person a job to handle and they will report back to you keeping you informed and at the same time not putting all the pressure on you to do the entire show yourself.

Before securing a location you will want to visit local area shops such as candy stores, costume shops and party stores, to see if they will be interested in participating in the event. If they go for it, have their business included in the Halloween trade show advertising for a fee. Make sure they understand that they will need to provide a donation of a promotional item for your visitor gift bags (trick or treat bags). They will also be required to decorate their booths with Halloween décor to keep in the spirit of things.

After you get all venders lined up, you should have money to work with. Use this money to reserve the location of the Halloween trade show. Also you will want to advertise that there is space available for venders. Send out a press release telling venders and visitors about the upcoming Halloween trade show. Make sure that you include the cost of admission, date, time, purpose of the trade show, drawings, and contact information.

You will need to decorate the facility in Halloween style to create a spooky ambiance. Either plan for this as part of your budget or ask your venders if they have any decorations that they would like to donate for the Halloween trade show. Make certain to give them recognition if they do donate the decorations!

You will want to secure some radio airtime to advertise your Halloween trade show, send out emails to everyone you know. Send out flyer to area businesses and clubs and send out another press release close to the time of the event.

This is a basic idea of the plan you need to follow to pull off a successful Halloween trade show in your area. You can go as extravagant as you want with this too, have trick-or-treating at all booths, give free admission to everyone who dresses up, or have a canned food drive for the local food bank. The possibilities are endless.



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