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How to Plan a Halloween Party – Planning Tips for a Great Halloween Party

Published by Chris Baymon

Halloween party will surely help get your party started. You don’t have to have a ton of money to host a great Halloween party. With the right planning, people will be talking about your party for months. Planning is everything.

Halloween Party Invitations:

Sending out your invitations about two weeks ahead of time will ensure that your guests receive them in time to plan for the party. Make sure your Halloween themed invitations have all the following information on them; the guests will appreciate the heads up, and you will avoid any confusion.

Time of Party
Party Address
Party Theme (if specific, this will help them decide on a costume)
What to bring (if anything)
Ages that are welcome to attend (you do not want kids coming to an adult party, and vice versa)
Alternate location details
R.S.V.P. Info

Plan B:

If your party is to be outdoors, always have another location ready just in case of bad weather.

Halloween Party Food:

Provide your guests with a nice selection of food and drink. Adjust your menu to suit the guests that will be in attendance and try to make as much of the food as possible Halloween themed. Halloween cookies and candy can be bought from the store; they are the easy part though. Try to make any and all food Halloween themed; the grosser the better.

If money is tight, you can even have a pot luck Halloween party where every guest brings a dish. You simply provide drinks, cups, plates, napkins and a good time.


Decorations can help make the party; hay bales, corn stalks, scare crows and pumpkins are all important. Make it spooky and make it fun; this is when the people will come.


Use Halloween themed lighting throughout the party area; jack-o-lanterns are great for this. String your lights through out the food and dance areas, but leave some darker, scarier corners as well.


The choice of music is also important for setting the atmosphere of the party. Play fun Halloween themed music that people will boogie too.


If possible, borrow, rent, or buy smoke machines to place throughout the party area. Smoke is great for Halloween parties, it really enhances the mood of the party.

Door Prizes:

Have everyone write their name down on a piece of paper. Randomly pull names out of the hat and call them up to the front for the prize of their choice. Prizes can also be given for the costumes people wear. Scariest, funniest, most original and peoples choice are all options for prize categories.


Playing games for prizes is also a great way to get everyone involved in the party. Games such as bobbing for apples and pumpkin hunts are always in style. Other options include pumpkin carving contests and scavenger hunts are also popular choices for any Halloween party.

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