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How to Recycle Christmas Lights & Get a Discount on Holiday LEDs

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If you are looking to replace your Christmas lights this year, then you could help the planet and save money if you recycle them. HolidayLEDs.com will give a 25% discount on new purchases when you send them your old lights to dispose of. The company will now also honor coupons from the Home Depot light recycling program. Why is Christmas light recycling a good idea and how does this discount scheme work?

Why Recycle Christmas Lights?

If you are replacing either indoor or outdoor Christmas lights, you’ll have to decide what to do with your old ones. If you throw them in the trash, you won’t be doing much to help the environment. If you recycle them, the box/packaging and any suitable materials or components can be broken down and reused. Last year HolidayLEDs.com recycled 10,000 pounds of unwanted lights and has handled over 20,000 pounds since the start of the program in 2007.

This is also an easy way to cut the costs of buying new holiday LEDs as you’ll be given a discount voucher on any new purchase from the site. This has been increased to 25% this year. Plus, if you find it easier to use the Home Depot Christmas light recycling program, your coupon will be honored by this site. You can use this to benefit from the 25% program or to redeem its face value (i.e. $3).


How Does the HolidayLEDs.com LED Christmas Light Recycling Program Work?

If you opt to send your old lights to HolidayLEDs, then you will need to mail them, unless you live close to a drop off center or to the company’s location. The mailing address is:


Attn: Recycling Program

118 Rosehill Dr.


Jackson, MI 49202

If you live locally, you can drop your lights at this address between 10am-4pm Monday-Friday. Some partner stores will also accept drop-offs including the Wholefoods store in Ann Arbor (3135 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI) and Mom’s Organic Market (various locations in Maryland and Virginia).

How to Package Holiday Lights for Recycling

There are some basic rules for packaging here to help streamline the recycling process. For example, you should:

  • Keep the box/packaging as small as possible so the lights fit in snugly and make sure that it can be recycled. Don’t use outer boxes or packaging.
  • Only send in the lights themselves. You shouldn’t pack them in plastic or leave in accessories such as storage containers, winders or other apparatus.

The company will also accept bulk shipments and will work with companies or groups that collect lights on a community basis.

How to Collect Discount Vouchers for Holiday Lights Recycling

It is very important to make sure that you include your name and an email address when you drop off/mail your Christmas lights. The 25% discount vouchers are all emailed. A mail-out normally takes place about once each month.

How to Redeem Home Depot Christmas Light Recycling Coupons

Home Depot also operates a light recycling program, although this only runs for 10 days in November and will finish on the 14th of the month. The reward system here gives a $3 coupon up to a maximum of five per customer. Each coupon can be used to get a discount on one set of holiday lights until the 14th of November.

It may be easier for some people to drop-off old lights at a Home Depot store rather than mail to HolidayLEDs.com. This year, the coupons given will be honored by Holiday LEDs so you don’t have to redeem them in store and will still be able to use them if you miss the deadline in November.

To redeem a Home Depot coupon, you need to enter the bar code number and your name/email address into the redemption page on the HolidayLEDs.com website. This will exchange codes for the 25% discount program or for a $3 discount. The exchange program will last until the 31st December.

If you recycle Christmas lights you could help the environment and get a useful discount on new holiday LEDs. If you’re interested in other ways to save money at Christmas, the following articles may be helpful:

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