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How to Rent a Hearse for Halloween

Published by Altagracia Rouser

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Travel in Style on Halloween

If you want to spice up your Halloween night, rent a hearse for that special day. Now hearses are generally used to bring the dead from the church to the cemetery. But they are also used for Halloween parties or tours for mystery and fright. So riding in a hearse on Halloween night is the best way to travel. What is more scarier than riding in the vehicle that is used to carry the dead? And you don’t want to drive your own car on Halloween night. Everybody will be looking at your hearse and wondering who’s in it. You will be the talk of the town.

If you want to rent a hearse for a tour of all the haunted spots in your town, then I recommend you rent a hearse limousine. It can fit more people then a regular hearse but it will cost you a little more than an average black hearse. You can also rent a hearse for driving you and your friends to the local Halloween parties. You can show of your hearse to all the party guest. Or surprise your friends by showing up at their house in a black hearse. That’s a good way to start your Halloween night with a little mystery. Or have a romantic Halloween for your girlfriend or boyfriend by just cruising around town in a black hearse.

There are many companies out there who you can rent a hearse from. First check your local car rental agencies. They might carry hearses just for that special occasion. Or you can search online for a hearse rental agency. There are many companies out there that rent out only hearses. Here are a list of a few hearse rental companies: Party Hearse, GraveRide, Gothic Limos, and Kim’s Krypt. To find more hearse companies, go to

Hearse rental companies all have different rules and regulations for renting their hearses. Some companies require that they supply a chauffeur to drive you and your guest around. Some companies will have the chauffeur to dress up and wear make up just for the special event. Some companies will allow you to decorate their hearse with props they provide for you. But you have to pay them to use their props. Sometimes they will provide you with a fake corpse or a casket. They may give you Halloween music for free. Now if you decorate the hearse with your own props, make sure none of your props can cause any kind of damage to the hearse. Also tell the company beforehand that you want to the decorate the hearse on your own. Explain to them the kind of props and decorations you will use. Whatever company you rent from, make sure you find out all the detail of their rules and regulations for their hearses. www.ask.com and put in “Rent a hearse” in the search box. Pages and pages will pop up of the many companies that rent hearses.

Do you want to have a Halloween night to remember? Rent a hearse for all your Halloween travels and adventures. You can have excitement, thrills, suspense and fright just by riding in a black hearse. it’s the only way to travel on Halloween night!



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