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How to Throw a Fun and Safe Halloween Party for College Students

Published by Kacey Soucy

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This is this time of the year when Halloween is around the corner and we love to celebrate. So, let’s be ready to party – the night is long, and fun is the keyword. But, is it? Let’s not forget that safety should also be on our list of priorities. Where is the fun if a friend is hurt or worse, while partying on Halloween night? Loud music, long night and flowing alcohol can be a deadly combination if you are not careful. Follow a few simple steps to make it a great and safe party.

How to throw a fun Halloween party

Whether you are a college student yourself or simply a cool parent who wants to have your children and their college friends enjoy themselves, to throw a great and fun Halloween party, you should follow a few simple rules.

  • Have a theme party. You should tell your guests well in advance what the theme of the party will be. They must have the possibility to really look and find the best costumes available. After all the anticipation is almost half the fun. Nowadays, the “Twilight Saga” is a great theme, but themes are endless for Halloween (e.g., horror movies, famous horror movie characters, Harry Potter series).
  • Have a contest party. There is no good Halloween party without at least one contest. It could be the best costume contest or the most scary couple contest, feel free to use your imagination.
  • Have games ready. Games are an important part of a good Halloween party.
  • Great dancing is a must. No college student will stick around if you don’t have great music to dance on. Keep slow dancing for the end of the night, it is romantic and sensual but trust me, there is nothing like a John Mayer song to kill a party if you put it on too early.
  • Make it dark. Make sure that you lower the lighting as much as possible. It is a good idea to replace your usual light bulbs with red, orange or even neon light bulbs. You will love the result.
  • Make it scary, and creepy. A few candles, spider webs, voodoo dolls strategically placed should add to the ambiance.
  • Have a punch bowl ready for your friends to enjoy but do not make the punch too strong – where is the fun when people start throwing up?

How to throw a safe Halloween party

Now you are ready to have a great and fun Halloween party, but not so fast! This is your house, this is your party and you are legally responsible. So for everybody’s sake, safety is not to be forgotten here, as we all know that college students can go overboard sometimes. Make sure your place is a safe environment and follow a few rules.

  • No drugs allowed, period!
  • Have someone in charge of the alcohol. It is a good idea to have somebody you trust play bartender because it not only looks cool, but it also allows you to stay in control of the drinking. This is a good way to check whether or not somebody is inebriated.
  • If you have alcohol, make sure that everybody who is drinking is of legal age. Yes, 21 years old is still the law, and yes, you will be responsible for any drinking underage guests.
  • Do not accept anyone who arrives already drunk.
  • Have somebody you trust stay sober to drive people who have been drinking over the legal limit back home.
  • Take the keys car away from anyone who could be driving while intoxicated.
  • Never let the party get out of hands.
  • Don’t hesitate to call 911 if you feel something is wrong, but remember that this is a very busy time of the year.

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