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How to Throw a Halloween Party Inspired by the Twilight Saga

Published by Lashawna Montroy

Halloween party would be to theme an event around Twilight. Some elements to consider when planning your Twilight party would be costumes, decorations and food, games, and other miscellaneous details that will make your night complete.

Fans of the series will recount the main rivalries of the two groups depicted in the series: vampires and werewolves. Popular costume choices will include any character from the Cullen family, especially Edward, or Jacob Black and any of the other werewolves. For the Cullen-esque costumes, partygoers should wear elegant, timeless clothing. Makeup might also be utilized, as Edward has skin that glows in the sunlight. Jacob Black is more casual and rugged, often wearing messy clothes. Ambitious guests might try to create his werewolf form as a costume. Many girls will also choose to go as Bella Swan, the protagonist of the series. There are two directions this costume could go: pre-vampire, casual Bella, or post-vampire Bella. The choice is up to the guest.

As for decorations, great care might be taken to recreate the rainy town of Forks, Washington, where the series takes place. Some ways to create ambiance might be to rent or purchase a smoke machine or procuring a tape of rain sounds. Light music may also work, as Edward liked to sing Bella to sleep. For food, a red punch is an obvious choice. Although the Cullens don’t eat, partygoers should be able to enjoy themselves, so I would suggest picking up snacks. You might also consider a Twilight themed cake, perhaps even a photo cake that uses a still frame from the movie.

Games for the party might include a Jacob versus Edward debate; trust me, any female fan has an opinion on this topic. A trivial contest could also be a fun way to get the party started. Twilight charades are another possibility, as fans can reenact their favorite scenes and have others guess what they are thinking of. And of course, with a party this elaborate, a costume contest is a must. Prizes might include movies passes to see the Twilight film when it comes out, copies of the books, or any other Twilight memorabilia. With the growing popularity of the books and the movie, there are a number of prizes out there. One great place to pick up favors is http://www.cafepress.com/forksgiftshop, which has shirts, mugs, stickers, and so on.

A Twilight party will be the perfect Halloween event for any fans of the series. With some creativity, transforming your house into Forks and creating the perfect vampire or werewolf costume will be great fun for all involved. So get planning and enjoy!

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