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How to Throw a Halloween Prom

Published by Anthony Fukada

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Halloween is the time of the year for fright, mystery, and loads of fun. Many people remember how fun it was getting all dressed up in outrageous costumes. We remember trick or treating with our friends and family. So many teens miss the fun they had on Halloween when they were little.They can’t go trick or treating anymore because they will feel too embarrassed because trick or treating is mainly for little kids. One way they can still have fun on October 31 is with a Halloween prom.

Prom is a social event that young adults will remember and cherish forever. Many proms have themes like famous couples in movies or literature, Oscars, decade themes, and Masquerade Ball. A Halloween theme prom will be unique and original. There are so many ways you can achieve a fun Halloween prom. You need to combine both aspects of prom and Halloween. I suggest that you still have a prom king and queen contest but also have a contest for the best costume. Costumes are a very important part of the prom if you are going to have a Halloween theme. Most teens are going to arrive to the prom with a date. Their costumes should match their date’s costume. Couples can dress up like princesses and princes, vampire lovers, pirates, Jane and Tarzan, Batman and Catwoman, or Superman and Superwoman. There are so many different costumes for kids arriving to prom by themselves. Make sure that you approve all of the kids’ costumes before they wear it to the prom. Make sure the costumes are not too short and revealing.

Music also plays a very important role on prom night. Music sets the mood. You can play mostly Halloween songs but switch it up by playing some of today’s popular songs. Here is a list of Halloween songs you can use: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s Nightmare on My Street, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Bobby Pickett’s The Monster Mash, The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s The Time Warp, and White Zombie’s I’m Your Boogieman. Go to www.playlist.com to listen to these songs. You can buy these songs off of the internet and make a CD. The songs will cost you a dollar if you use iTunes. It’s better to make your own CD because you get to choose the songs you want.

Decorations is what makes the prom so unique and memorable. It’s going to be twice as fun decorating if you are having a Halloween prom. You can transform a room into a haunted mansion. You can place real looking skeletons around the room. You can buy a fog machine and make the room look smoky and mysterious. You can place real looking spiders all over the room. You can also place a fake large tombstone at the front entrance of place where you’re holding the prom. There are so many props and special effects you can use. Just make sure they are all within your budget.

If you are having a Halloween prom, you can have food that people will really enjoy. Now you can go to your local grocery store and buy cakes, cupcakes, and cookies decorated especially for Halloween. You can also buy Halloween plates and cups to serve the food on. At most proms they serve finger food because kids usually eat before or after the prom. So you can either buy finger sandwiches and hors d’oeuvres or you can make your own Halloween finger food. Go to www.foodnetwork.com for yummy Halloween recipes. Also you can place a big bowl of candy at the front entrance.

If you need more advice for throwing a Halloween prom, go to ask.com and search for more ideas about food, costumes, music, and decorations for a Halloween party. You can find all your decorations at your local party store or Halloween outlets. You can preorder your Halloween desserts and finger food at your local grocery store. If you do not know how to make a music CD off of the internet, then just go to Wal-Mart or your local grocery store and buy a Halloween music CD there.

Halloween is not just for little kids anymore. Young adult can have a really fun time at Halloween especially if they have a Halloween theme prom. There are so many different ways you can have one. But however you decide to throw your prom, there is one thing I can guarantee. I guarantee that everybody will have lots of fun.



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