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How to Throw Your Teens a Halloween Party on a Budget

Published by Ardella Slovacek

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So you want throw a Halloween party for your teens but you have to stick within your budget. Use these tips to help you throw a party within a budget that your teen will love and remember.

First, get your teen or teens involved in making the invitations. There are several types of homemade cards invitation you can make. Please see Homemade Halloween Popup Cards or Invitations.

Now you can visit your local dollar store for some decorations, or see what you can use around the house. If you have some old clothes you don’t mind getting stained or ripped, or you can make some stuffed headless people sitting around the house. You can use some food coloring, or ketchup to create red blood clumps around the neck area. If you want to do this, you might need to buy some stuffing, or use old pillows to stuff the clothes. Then you can also rip up some clothes and add some blood around the rips and leave them laying around the house. Visit a thrift store, or perhaps you have some items from previous Halloweens, and get a fake knife, or a few of them, and put blood on the edge and leave them in various places as well.

If you don’t want to go for that type of look, then see if you have some old white sheets. You can rip up the sheets, and use some clothing dye, or spray dye and color the strips in Halloween colors and hang them up in door ways. You can get some fake spiders and web from a dollar store if you don’t have any from previous years. A cheaper version of web is buying some stuffing from a craft store, and just spread it out where you want. You can also buy some fake rats and put them in various places. Hang some spiders from the ceiling.

For drinks, buy a few cauldrons so you can offer a few different types of drinks. Get some dry ice, and remember to never touch with your bare skin! Pour your drinks in the cauldrons and you will have a nice Halloween fog effect. Makes the rooms look great if you can put one in the various rooms as well.

Now for snacks, you can include in the invitations for guests to bring their favorite creepy Halloween treat. This is where the dollar store comes in handy as well. You can buy all sorts of chips and pretzels and bagged items without blowing your budget. This is also a great place to buy your drinks.

If some or all of the guests are staying almost all night, you can also ask them to bring their favorite scary movie and favorite game. Then they can decide if they want to watch movies or play games. They will have a variety of both to choose from all night long.

Remember you can throw a great Halloween party without blowing your budget. Get your teens involved in the decorating and let them get creative. Have a safe and fun Halloween.



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