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Hundreds of UK Festivals – Something Suitable for Everyone

Published by Michel Jaenicke

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People seem to be regarding “Festival Season” as to be ‘upon us’, come the summer months of June/ July. In actual fact, in 2009, May saw 61 festivals — up, down, and across the UK — alone.

Another misconception is that festivals are for enjoying music in the company of many; with strange activities, love, and ‘colourful’ individuals being a welcome escape, if the music was a bit dull that day. It seems though, that there is many an event purely for those other things; whatever your passion, it appears there is a festival connected to it.

Surprising Array of Events

It is surprising how many activities – let alone festivals dedicated to them – these UK events cover, even for those who hate the very idea of merely sitting in a field.

Between the months of May and Sept (inclusive), one can count 348 festivals covering the simple, to simply bonkers of events, all in the UK.

The majority, admittedly, are music-related (folk, trance, blues, jazz, world, metal, rock, pop … and every other made-up genre that falls in, and around, a vague category) but with so many things to see and do at every one, at any one time, there is plenty to do if the line up failed to interest.

Hobbies and Family-friendly Festivals

While some festivals are dedicated to particular hobbies, or particular people; others just offer all ages, and families, the chance for a day out. Some offer opportunities to take in the arts, crafts, even workshops to get everyone involved in activities that would maybe pass them by on a day to day basis.

All Ages and Interests Catered For

If being too old to commit to a weekend of squalor, at Glastonbury, or worrying the children wouldn’t fit in with AC/DC fans, at Download, are issues, then how about Secret garden parties and strawberry fairs in Cambridge, puppet festivals in Skipton, a Wizard festival in Aberdeenshire … even Ben and Jerry are celebrated on Clapham Common. Who knew?

Tons of gatherings, for all ages and interests, are out there- it’s just a case of knowing where to look.

Facilities differ from one place to the next, ranging from campsites and showers, to children/ family/ dog friendly activities. Even vegan and vegetarian, green and eco-friendly, dedicated sites are popping up. Prices and transport also range from free to VIP, depending on the particular event. Some last an afternoon, some a long weekend.

There really is no excuse to stay at home for the dog/ baby/ recycling anymore.

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