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Ideas for a Halloween Potluck

Published by Bev Richison

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Our company likes to do a potluck every quarter, and one of those potlucks usually falls around Halloween, so we use that as our theme. Here are some great ideas that I have done in the past, and one of them I am now known for doing every year. I hope these ideas help you as well.

Goblin Stew

This is a recipe that I have in my cookbook that my grandma made years ago. I make this around Halloween simply because of the name. I made this for work two years ago, and now it’s expected every year. This is typically a stove top recipe, but since I was taking it to a potluck, I made a few changes so I could use it in my crock pot. Enjoy!


1lb ground beef

1 envelope seasoning mix for sloppy joes (I use chili)

1 1lb can tomatoes

1 cup uncooked elbow noodles

1 1lb can pork and beans

2 cups water

If you are making this for several people, you can double or triple the ingredients, just make sure you have enough room in your crock pot, or use two of them.

First you will have to brown the ground beef on the stove with the seasoning envelope. Then transfer the cooked beef to your crock pot. If you don’t want to have a mess after you are done with the crock pot then put in liner. Then when you are done, you can just remove the liner and no mess. Now once the beef is in there, put in the tomatoes, pork and beans, and water. Put the noodles in a plastic bag to take along. Once at work you can set on high for 4 hours. About 15 minutes before the potluck, add the noodles. This gives them just enough time to cook, if you put them in too much ahead of time, they will be mushy.

Now another idea if you are bringing a treat, take good old fashioned Carmel apples and add a sour worm so you have wormy apples. You can make each one different as well. Cut the end of a worm off, and attach the cut end to the apple and make it look like it’s crawling into the apple. You can take the end you cut off, and place the cut side down so it looks like it’s peaking out. You just lay a worm across so it just looks like there is a worm crawling on the apple. Get creative and have fun.

Now if you are taking drinks, you can have some fun with this as well. Use a couple cauldrons, to go along with the Halloween theme, and place some dry ice in the bottom of them. Remember to never touch dry ice with your bare skin. Now, you can use whatever drinks you would like, pour them into the cauldrons, and you will have the cool fog effect coming from your drinks.

Remember to have fun with what you can do for a potluck. It doesn’t have to be extravagant to look great. It can simply be in the name of the dish that fits Halloween, simply taking a worm and adding it to something you can buy already made, or giving something that cool fog effect making it fit the theme. Have a safe and fun Halloween!



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