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I’m a Christian and I Love Halloween

Published by Bradly Trimm

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Halloween is quite possibly my favorite holiday. I have more Halloween decorations than I do Christmas decorations. My husband and I decorate our home inside and out starting in late September just for the occasion. Skeletons hang from the trees in our front yard and every window has a glowing jack-o-lantern grinning in it. We start thinking about what we want to be for Halloween months in advance and often end up wearing multiple costumes: one for parties and one for work and trick or treating with our son. Okay so this all sounds normal, but here’s the kicker: I’m a conservative Christian.

I am indeed a Christian. Jesus Christ, and my relationship with Him, is the most important part of my life. I attend a southern Baptist church very faithfully. I am involved in additional ministries at church including the children’s and recreation departments. I don’t drink. Ever. I don’t use profanity. Ever.

So are you surprised? It seems that so many Christians think Halloween is some sort of pagan ritual while those who are not Christians often are shocked that a Christian such as myself would engage in Halloween activities so freely. You mean you’re a Christian? I didn’t know Christians were allowed to celebrate Halloween. So we get looks of shock from both sides of the fence.

So why do I love Halloween so much? Because it’s fun. Halloween is a FUN holiday that I love to celebrate. The idea of goofy ghosts and cackling witches is fun and there is nothing, no nothing, pagan about it. Okay so Halloween has roots in paganism or something like that. That’s not what it’s about now, so who cares? I don’t believe in ghosts or witches or dancing skeletons. I don’t believe that any of the characters associated with Halloween mean anything to me, other than that they have great entertainment value. Dressing up like a character and going around getting candy each year was one of the highlights of my childhood and it is something I hope is a highlight of my son’s life too.

Many Christians even celebrate Halloween under a false name. Harvest festivals and fall fun days abound in Christian circles. What’s the difference? Is it really the name Halloween that makes it so “bad”? I suppose it’s really the fantasy of it: the witches and ghosts and ghouls. Again, however, it’s just fantasy. It’s not real. It doesn’t matter.

Not only do I think that Halloween is fun, I’m pretty sure Jesus Himself thinks it’s just fun too. I really think that He couldn’t care less about this goofy holiday. He has much more important things to worry about.

So I’ll be dragging out the Halloween decorations in just a few short weeks and I’ll be getting started on the family’s Halloween costumes. I’ll enjoy Halloween all the days of my life and when I die and I arrive in heaven I can ask Jesus himself just what he thinks about it.



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