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Indoor Games for the Whole Family: Some Ideas for After Dinner or Saturday Night Fun

Published by Andres Protain

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Lots of players, the more the merrier, are needed for the first game, and a good memory. A feather per player and two bowls are needed for the second game.

Bistro Bonanza

The idea in this game is that players pretend they have to order for the whole group at a bistro. It starts simply but gets complicated as the list of orders grows.

Gather all the players around the table. Select someone to begin. This person tells the group what he plans to order. Then the player next to him must repeat his order and so on around the table. When play returns to the orginal player, the player to the left adds to the previous order what they want and everyone in turn repeats it.

For example, Sam begins play. Sam announces he wants lasagne with salad. Everyone around the table repeats this. Then Jenny sitting to Sam’s left announces she would like pumpkin soup with garlic bread. So everyone has to go around the table repeating Sam’s order and Jenny’s order. Then Jack to Jenny’s left announces he would like a chargrilled steak with baked potato. So then each player has to remember to say the three orders with correct details before play passes to the next player. As play goes around the table and each player adds their order to the growing list it becomes easy to forget someone’s order or to make mistakes.

As people make mistakes they drop out and the last person left is the winner.

If players have particularly good memories and few players have dropped out after everyone has selected their main dish go around again with everyone ordering drinks, and if need be go around again with everyone ordering dessert.

Flying Feathers.

This is a very easy game. Divide players into two teams. Clear the room a little and determine a start line. On the other side of the room put a bowl on the floor for each team.

At the starting signal, the first player in each team puts the feather on the saucer and ‘races’ to the other end of the room and deposits their feather in the bowl and then races back to the starting line and the team. The player hands the saucer to the next player who puts their feather on it and races off to deposit the feather in the bowl. The first team to have all their players deposit their feathers in the bowl and return to the start line is the winner.

The feathers, of course, must remain on the saucer all the while. If the feather is dislodge the player must stop, put it back on the saucer and return to the race.

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