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Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Family

Published by Irvin Schmidt

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Christmas decorating can make a home warm and cheerful for the holidays. Consider some unusual decorating ideas that the entire family will enjoy. Everyone will be amazed at how festive the home can look without spending a lot of money.

Be Creative with Cheap Christmas Decorating Ideas

The holidays can be a time for showing off talent and creativity. When there is only a little money for Christmas decorations, talent can go a long way. When the family puts their heads together and each uses his or her own imagination, it takes very little money or tangible items to create some awesome and unusual decorations.

Old decorations can be modernized for use on the Christmas tree. Divide the vintage ornaments among all the members of the family and ask them to remake them for this year’s tree. Turn it into a contest, to encourage them to do a good job.


Make candy, dried fruits and Christmas cookies. Put them along with other food items such as nuts, Christmas candy and candy canes into airtight jars decorated with bows. Use them to decorate the house until Christmas Eve and then hand them out to neighbors, family and friends for Christmas presents.

Tips for Inexpensive Christmas Decorating Ideas

Use fruit slices to make garlands and wreaths

Make gingerbread and snowman cookies. Wrap them in clear plastic wrap and hang them on the tree with ribbon. Perfect for decorating and eating.

Tie red bows around candy canes and hang on tree

Use old Christmas cards to cut out tags for gifts and to make other decorations

Make a gingerbread house and get the entire family involved.

Have everyone in the house come up with his or her own design for a cheap Christmas decorating idea.

Decorate the tree with homemade ornaments of photos of the family over the years. Include baby photos, special events and vacations.

Decorate the entire Christmas tree in cupcakes or ice cream cones. There are many sites on the Internet with easy instructions for making inexpensive cupcake or ice cream cone tree ornaments. This is a perfect family project.

Lights are Great for Cheap Christmas Decorating

Just lights alone can brighten any room with a cheery Christmas ambience. Lights and some decorating snow can go along way when it comes to Christmas decorating. Mirrors or silver trays with snow and white lights and candles are beautiful on a shelf or mantle. Decorate the framed family photos on the shelves with a bed of snow and lights.

Inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas for the family really are plentiful and easy to find online. All it takes is for each family member to contribute his or her own ideas and the house will be overflowing with inexpensive Christmas decorating ideas.

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