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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts: Frugal Giving: 10 Low-Cost Present Ideas

Published by Patricia Goans

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Part of the merry-making of Christmas is the satisfaction that comes from giving. Seeing the delight on loved one’s faces on Christmas morning makes the holidays truly special.

Christmas giving can be a challenge for those on a limited income but it is possible to give budget-friendly gifts that will be appreciated.

Ideas for Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

  1. Who doesn’t love cute gingerbread men? Baskets filled with gingerbread men make good, frugal gifts. Purchase an assortment of small baskets at a Dollar Store. Bake and ice a large batch of gingerbread cookies. Line the baskets with brightly colored tissue paper and tuck in the homemade gingerbread men. Tie gift labels on basket handles and give out these affordable and edible presents.
  2. Sending gifts through the mail can be an expensive undertaking; never mind the time spent on parcel wrapping and forays to the post office. The Internet offers a handy solution. Shoppers can purchase their gifts online. Many vendors offer free shipping on combined orders and will even gift-wrap and label items. Online shopping is ideal for shoppers who want to save on shipping and who find present wrapping challenging.
  3. Help others to add to their ornament collection by visiting a Christmas store and selecting a beautiful and unique Christmas ornament. Tree ornaments can usually be purchased for under $20, making them inexpensive Christmas gifts. Giving a Christmas ornament can help someone who normally might spend their money on others, foregoing buying their own quality ornaments.
  4. Chocolate-covered coffee beans make an exotic, low-cost gift item. Drop beans into a clear bag, tie with a ribbon, and affix a bow. Make a number of coffee bean gift bags to give out through the holidays.
  5. Women can’t get enough make-up. Best of all, most make-up items can be purchased for reasonable prices. An eye shadow pallet with an assortment of colors, different colored lipsticks or mascara make inexpensive Christmas gifts that will be used and appreciated.
  6. Most people enjoy reading magazines. For the hard-to-buy-for male, a subscription to a favorite magazine can be a budget-friendly alternative to pricey toys.
  7. Movies are frugal gift items that are a hit with children, teens or adults. Best of all, movies needn’t be expensive. Pick movies up throughout the year—especially when you find them on sale. Give the gift of an evening out by giving theatre gift certificates.
  8. The holidays are a time for visiting and busy people have to buy out time to entertain. Dropping off a prepared dish eases some of the pressure. Low-cost casserole gift ideas: purchase smaller disposable foil pans and make up any of the following: Lasagna, macaroni and cheese, homemade perogies, or cabbage rolls. Cover casseroles in foil and decorate with a stick-on bow, then wrap up in a large ribbon.
  9. For those interested in learning to play a musical instrument or who want to learn to sing, a gift certificate for a free lesson or two can be a welcome gift. This inexpensive present will be appreciated by the budding musical artist.
  10. If possible, shop the Boxing Day sales. Many items can be purchased at significantly reduced prices. An added advantage is that frugal shoppers get a head-start on next year’s shopping.

With a bit of planning, budget-conscious shoppers can give inexpensive Christmas gifts that definitely make the grade.

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