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Inexpensive Natural Christmas Décor

Published by Dane Favre

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Show off your holiday style this season with a more toned-down approach to Christmas. Choose items from nature and display a calm, stress-free oasis for family and friends to relax and unwind. Below are ways to bring nature inside for a fresh, harmonious look.


Use greenery to make your entryways pop. Fashion garland using cedar, feathery fir, boxwood or pine to welcome guests and create a pleasing first impression. Tie it all together with festive ribbons in red or green, or perhaps you’d like to go outside the box with shades of plum, pale grey, white, ginger, or deep golden brown. Adding pine cones as woody notes throughout will produce a beautiful holiday look. Drape your garland gracefully over entryways, porch railings, mantles and atop doorways inside the house. Gently coil garland pieces around an outside light post.


Wreaths can be made from easily available items such as cedar, pine, magnolia leaves and more. Make a pinecone wreath using a background of grapevine or straw (grapevine or straw is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at art and craft supply stores). Attach the pinecones with zip ties or wire. Attach a gauzy ribbon and tie in a bow to complete the look. These are very pretty hung on windows and doors.


Magnolia leaves make beautiful wreaths. Clip fresh leaves and stick into a florist foam wreath. Florist foam may be purchased at florist shops and are low-cost. Be sure to soak the florist foam in water prior to adding the magnolia leaves. This will keep your wreath fresh for a longer period of time. Use a velvet ribbon in the color of your choice to finish the wreath. Should your wreath begin to look droopy, just re-soak the florist foam and re-hang.


Arrange different sized candles on a rectangular or circular shaped tray. Use an assortment of mercury-glass ornaments artfully placed around the candles. Your ornaments can be different sizes or one uniform size. Colors can be a mix of hues or monotone.

An oddly shaped bowl is perfect for creating a festive look when filled with ornaments. Place in small bits of greenery so that they peek out from behind the ornaments. Holly with berries, winterberry sprigs or tiny pinecones are wonderful foliage items to use.

Plants such as Christmas cactus, amaryllis, or fragrant eucalyptus are equally nice on the table. Long, thin branches of any evergreen, trimmed and slipped into a tall vase is an aromatic nod to the use of nature this season. Finish the look by tying a large bow around the vase.

Fruit and Nut Arrangements

Make good use of fruits and nuts this year. Oranges, pomegranates, kumquats, apples and Clementine’s add a colorful landscape to a natural décor. Arrange in an oblong bowl, on a tray or in a tall glass container. Nestle in some cinnamon sticks or a few sprigs of cedar. Walnuts, pecans, chestnuts or Brazil nuts can be mixed into wooden bowls. Invite friends and family to have a taste by placing nut crackers with a couple of picks next to the bowl for a treat.

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