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Inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces: Create Tabletop Decor Without Spending a Fortune

Published by Earle Zamborano

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If you are lucky enough to have a large garden, all you have to do is grab a basket and a pair of secateurs and head outside. Almost everything you will need is free for the taking there. If you don’t have a garden, head for a nearby park or wood. Leaves, twigs, branches, berries, vines, acorns, and pinecones all are there for the picking.

You may not be able to remove anything from the trees in the park, but anything on the ground is fair game.

Your other source is your local farmer’s market where you can pick up plums, apples, squashes, gourds, and, of course, the ubiquitous pumpkin. If you don’t have a farmer’s market close by, your local grocery store will be chockfull of these seasonal goodies at this time of year.

So whether your style is minimalist, urban chic, country rustic, or early attic, here are a few really easy ideas to get you started.

Garden Centerpieces

  • Pumpkins aren’t just orange any more; white ones, commonly known as ghost pumpkins (Snowballs, Luminas or Caspers) are now available and come in an assortment of sizes including ones (Baby Boos) about the size of a baseball.
  • If you’re looking for a really easy decorating idea, place a row of small white pumpkins along a mantel or shelf for an elegant but simple display and, voilà, you’re done.
  • If you’re a diehard minimalist, a single, perfect, white or orange pumpkin placed on a black or silver plate brings a seasonal touch without fuss.
  • To create a simple but effective window display, raid your cupboards for unused glassware. Turn each one upside down and place a single gourd, acorn squash, and tiny pumpkin on top.
  • For a stunning table display, paint some inexpensive glass plates (purchased at charity stores) black and adorn with a gilded oak leaf and use as place setting. If you have good handwriting (unlike me), you can inscribe each leaf with the name of your guests. I actually gilded mine with real metal leaf but you can simply use gold paint from the hardware store.

Farmer’s Market Centerpieces

  • If you’re after a more romantic look, a cluster of pale purple cabbage roses or burnt orange Ashram tea roses would be spectacular used as a centrepiece for the dining room or for a hallway entrance table – with not a pumpkin in sight.
  • Silver serving pieces can serve as the base for a long-lasting fall decoration. Practically any decorative bowl, platter, or footed container will work well. Tuck mini pumpkins and pressed leaves in along with grapes, oranges, and apples to create an elegant dining room decoration.
  • If your style is simpler, use whatever containers you have; bowls, boxes, or baskets filled with seasonal fruit or vegetables are an easy alternative.
  • Make a stunning centerpiece from dried pomegranates and berries for your dining table.

Autumn-scented Candle Centerpieces

  • Nothing makes more of an impact in the evening than candles. Now is the perfect time to replace all your white candles for dark chocolate brown or burnt orange ones. If you like scented candles, opt for candles that have a pumpkin or apple scent.
  • Apples can be used in any number of decorative ways. To use as votives, cut out the centre of a few with an apple corer and insert a tea light into each one. Or create tiny vases for floral arrangements by inserting a few twigged berries and a single flower, such as a marigold, into the opening instead.
  • Small apples (such as crab apples) can be strung together to form a garland for the mantel or a stairwell.

You might likes some of these ideas to keep your home cosy and warm Thanksgiving a well.

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