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Jello Makes a Comeback This Thanksgiving

Published by Jay Gaulden

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Thanksgiving is a time for food, family and tradition. Cranberry sauce, stuffing, casseroles, hot buttered rolls, turkey, and pies fill the table. Why not add Jello to the table this year? Jello can be served for dessert instead of or along with other desserts typically served. It can be made fun for kids and adults alike. Jello serves as a lighter, sometimes, healthier option for those who partake. Some disregard the idea of serving jello at a fancy meal, such as thanksgiving dinner, because it may just be thought of as a childhood snack. However, this jiggly, wiggly childhood indulgence can be served with flair. In order to enhance the flavor and beauty of your favorite jello recipe, try adding pieces of fruit, liquor, and juice. Listed below are some examples for the kiddies and adults. Both are fresh, fun and delightful ideas for the thanksgiving table. These cute little fish tanks will keep the kids attention for awhile after dinner when the adults clean up, sit and relax or take a nap. Another idea for the children, and keeping with the thanksgiving spirit, is to make a turkey decoration using jello. The kids will sure get a kick out of being able to eat one of the decorations at their table. Jello shots are all the rave for adults. People go crazy for them. Instead of having them in little shot cups, try it in a martini glass. It adds a little something extra to this special day. Check out the recipes and enjoy!

Fish Tank:

Small Rose bowls

Blue jello

mini or regular sized gummy fish

runts candy “rocks”

mini aquariums

Mint “seaweed”

Pour a handful of runts on the bottom of the rose bowls. Make jello according to package instructions and pour into rose bowls. Allow jello to cool a couple of minutes before pouring it into the bowls, in order to ensure the runts don’t melt or the colors don’t run. Once poured into the bowls, let set almost all the way and then gently push fish into gelatin. Add as many as you want. Use big and little ones to make a little fish family. Push mint into gelatin around the fish. You can either have the children help you with these, or make them yourself. Decorate the children’s table with them and let them eat them after dinner for dessert.

Turkey Jello:

Small Rose bowls

Orange jello

Mandarin slices

Brown and orange construction paper

Brown and orange tissue paper

Wiggly eyes

Glue or tape

Make jello according to package instructions and pour into rose bowls. Mix a few slices of oranges into each one. The tissue paper will serve as the feathers for the turkey. Crumple a few pieces together and tape or glue all over the rose bowl or just on one side. Cut a circle out of the brown construction paper. Attach wiggly eyes and an orange beak cut out of construction paper. Once the head is complete, attach to rose bowl. Cut a couple thin strips out of the construction paper and fold accordion style and attach to the bottom side of the rose bowl for the legs. These can also be made with or without children and used as a decoration for their table.

Jello martini:

Cranberry jello

1 ¼ cup chilled vodka

¾ cup pomegranate juice


Limes or oranges


Large bowl

4-6 martini glasses

Bring 2 cups of water to a boil and pour in bowl mixing with the gelatin. Stir together. Mix in juice, and vodka. Before you pour them into the glass squeeze one lime into the mixture. Pour into Martini glasses and allow time to set. Decorate the rim of the glass with sugar, and use cranberries, limes and oranges for garnishes.

Note: There are plenty of different flavors of jello and liquor that can be used. You can easily vary the recipe by using champagne, spiced rum or another liquor of choice.

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