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Keeping Family Together – Three Tips to Help

Whether you are an entrepreneur, accountant or doctor, keeping the family balance and the family together is important. Sometimes it means balancing the telephone on your shoulder while rocking the baby so it doesn’t cry while you are on business calls. Other times it may mean leaving the children with grandparents so you can enjoy some private time with your spouse. Consider these tips to get a balance between work and family and keep the family together.

Make a Calendar to Have Quality Family Time

Have a calendar prominently displayed on a public location, think refrigerator. This way everyone can see who is doing what. This can gel the family together because each family member can see, at a glance, what the other is doing.

On the calendar mark everybody’s appointments. It can include business appointments, music lessons, hockey practice and dog agility. By providing a simple calendar with time scheduled in it will identify slots of time that can be dedicated to keeping family together.

If families prefer an online calendar consider Google calendar. Here different tasks can be highlighted and all lessons, events and travelling can be posted and updated with all family members. This can also be printed off and posted in a prominent location for editing and updating “on the fly.”

Make Some Private Time

Getting children dressed, teeth brushed, and out the door in time for school can be stressful and demanding. Sometimes it feels as though no one appreciates the work done. Allow yourself some quiet “me” time.

It may be as simple as getting up a few minutes earlier to get a quiet cup of coffee in before the children get out of bed or it can be taking a few hours on the weekend to burn off some steam at the gym. Either way keeping the family together may require taking some time for yourself along the way.

Get out of the House as a Family

Keeping family together may require that the family book and schedule time together. A family vacation is one way to get everyone together but a weekly outing can be a simple and as inexpensive as walking in the local park or taking the dog to the dog park one afternoon.

Family time is time to turn off the telephone, fax and television. Get out the Monopoly game or a deck of cards and spend some quality time with the family. Entrepreneurs are especially hit hard with this as they have more than a 9 to 5 job. Their job follows them around. If the telephone is constantly ringing, consider stepping out of the house with the family to dedicate some time just with them. Getting away from the home office and back on track with the family is one way of keeping family together.

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