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Keeping Your Pets Safe at Halloween

Published by Cayla Brokaw

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Pets are family members. My family loves to include our pets in holidays and special functions. However, you need to be cautious when including your pet in your Halloween activities and trick or treating.

Choose Halloween decorations for a pet friendly display

We love to decorate the house for Halloween. Being pet owners, we need to take great care in our choices of decorations. Try to avoid displays that require a lot of string or spider web-like material. Pets, especially cats, will love to play with these and there is a risk of them getting tangled up in the Halloween decorations. Also, pay attention to where you place the electrical cords for lighted Halloween displays. This can also cause your pet to get tangled up. Worse than that, some pets, including puppies and rabbits, might decide to use the cords as a chew toy. This can result in a catastrophic electrocution

Pumpkins are another hazard. A curious puppy may feel the need to taste a carved pumpkin. Although pumpkins are safe for them to eat, they may cause some gastrointestinal upset or diarrhea in animals. Opt for battery operated pumpkin lights instead of the traditional jack-o-lantern candle. The candle can be easily knocked over by a wagging tail or a curious kitty and cause a fire.

Halloween Treats

It has been established that chocolate can be very harmful or even fatal to a dog. My dog loves chocolate so we have to make sure that we put any Halloween candy well out of her reach. Even if chocolate does not seem to harm your pet, they have to work at getting the candy unwrapped. As they chew through the wrapper, there is a good chance that they will ingest part of the plastic or tin foil wrapper.

Pet Halloween Costumes

Some pets love to dress up and flaunt their look; others do not. You know your pet better than anyone, that adorable Halloween costume may not be a good idea for your pet. If your pet does not normally wear clothing, do not try to force it on him on Halloween. If your pet loves to dress up then try to find a costume that will not impede his vision, hearing, or mobility. Purchase the correct size. If the costume is too big, your pet could get tangled up. Also, check to make sure there are no parts of the costume that can easily come off and be swallowed by your pet.

Trick or Treating

It is not a good idea to take your pet with you for trick or treating unless he has a wonderful temperament and is used to lots of people. Too many people, especially children, can stress your animal. If your pet is sensitive, it is a good idea to put him in a separate room during trick or treating. If you have cat, be especially careful that he does not dart outside when you are passing out candy.

We love our pets. Implementing these four tips will guarantee a happy and safe Halloween for your furry family members.



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