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Kids’ Personalized Easter Baskets: A Gift Basket for the Athlete, Mathlete, or Artist in the Family

A child’s favorite professional or college team doesn’t have to go on the back burner just because it’s Easter, especially when they can be the centerpiece of the fun. New Orleans Saints fans would be thrilled to have their Super Bowl champions among their other treats.

And while the Olympics may be over, future Olympians can still get great memorabilia. Whether a child’s favorite sport or team is in or out of season, it doesn’t matter, and it won’t matter to him when he gets such a special personalized Easter basket.

Mathletes, Future Scientists, and Chess Easter Baskets

In the midst of celebrating sports, academics should not be ignored. After all, without the star students, star athletes might not have a field to play on.

Studious children may get a real kick out of Easter this year to find that their chocolate bunny is accompanied by a chemistry set or a book full of scientific facts. Chess players may find themselves pleasantly surprised to receive a travel set, or one with their favorite cartoon characters.

Easter Treats for Artists

Young creative types can also get special treatment this Easter. Those who love to doodle can find great fun with books on how to draw characters and scenes. Freehand sketchers may find it more fun to have a large sketching pad and special pencils and erasers. Painters can get inspired by a mini easel fit for a table or desk top along with canvasses, paints, and a brush set.

And don’t forget about the writers. Future poets, novelists, journalists, and play writers shouldn’t be left out. In fact, a blank journal and a book by Rudyard Kipling can go a long way when they are sitting nicely in an Easter basket waiting to be put to good use.

With so many options, this Easter can be very fun and exciting for children and adults alike when kids receive special personalized gift baskets with their favorite teams, school subjects, or creative endeavors. And this Easter, parents should do themselves the favor of treating their children to their favorite things.

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