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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Published by Slyvia Cassarubias

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Halloween is less than a week away, and costume anxiety has hit. Before stressing, here are ideas such as: Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland characters
Halloween costume shopping is so frustrating at times, and more often than not is left to the last minute. Which is the worst possible time to wait, but the best time to buy. Even so, what if the costume is no where to be found? If unwilling to pay fast shipping prices and risk not having a costume at all for the party or the little ones, here are some fun and easy suggestions. All using at home items, some accessories, and easy to find pieces.
Harry Potter Costumes
This beloved wizard is a favorite of all. Creating a costume for favorite characters from the movie and book series is simple. Here are a few suggestions.
For Harry:
• Black slacks
• Black shoes
• White shirt
• Gold and Crimson (or yellow and red) neck tie
• Gray sweater
• Crimson and gold, or red and yellow, scarf
• 1 pair of black no lens glasses or play glasses
• 1 thick stick to use as a wand
For Hermione:

• White button down the front shirt
• gold and crimson or yellow and red neck tie
• Gray sweater or vest
• Gray or black knee high skirt
• Scarf (preferably crimson and gold)
• Black shoes
• Knee high gray socks
• 1 stick for a wand
For Luna Lovegood:
• 1 white button down the front white shirt
• 1 blue and bronze neck tie
• 1 black or gray pencil skirt or black slacks
• Black tights or get some fun Halloween tights
• Black penny loafers or shoes
• 1 stick sprinkled with glitter for character
• 1 gray sweater (optional)
• 1 bronze and blue or light blue and dark blue scarf (optional)
• 1 pair pink or light blue silly specs (glasses)
For Myrtle:
• 1 floor length robe
• 1 pair of black costume glasses
• Hair in pig tails
To add to Moaning Myrtle, sew blue or purple on the inside of the robe and add a hood.
Professor McGonagall:
• 1 unique witch hat
• 1 white and gray feather for the hat
• A long black dress or black skirt and top
• A long cape made from green suede or fabric
• Hair in a bun
This is a simple costume to put together. For the cape, find a floor or heel length heavy green fabric (or use an old white bed sheet and look for green fabric spray paint. Allow to dry for at least 4 hours. 24 hours is recommended). Cut it wide enough to touch (with a few inches overlap) in front of the body. Connect the front by using a large broche.
This is such a fun character, and would be a fun and different costume for children or adults.
• 1 dark brown beard
• 1 large ragged brown coat
• 1 brown vest
• 1 large black belt
• Brown or black pants
To make the clothes look a bit more rugged, rub some dirt on the coat. To create a belly, use pillows or stuff balls of fabric above the belt.
Death Eater:
This is by far the easiest costume to create. All that is needed is a large black piece of fabric. Large enough to go around the entire body. Safety pin the fabric together in the middle front (leave enough fabric for a hood) near the neck. Cut the ends of the fabric and shred all the way around (except for the hood). Wear all black underneath.
To add to these, look for accessories online or at the store. Such as a student hat or a Hogwarts crest to place on a robe.
Alice In Wonderland Costumes
Alice in Wonderland is a favorite, and it is very easy to recreate the costumes without buying them.
For Alice:
• 1 blue short sleeve knee high or calf high dress
• 1 crinoline (optional)
• 1 white apron
• 1 black hair ribbon or hair band to tie like a hand band
• White stockings
• Black mary janes or buckle shoes
For the Rabbit:
• Rabbit ears and a tail
• White gloves
• A red or brown vest
• A long brown, purple or black coat (optional)
• 1 long sleeve white shirt
• White pants
• A large watch
Cut a slit in the coat, and place the tail on the pants.
The Mad Hatter:
The mad hatter costume is usually easy to find. Even so, creating a personal mad hattter using both the movie and cartoon version.
• 1 light brown, purple, pink, orange, or yellowish brown coat
• 1 silly top hat which is usually available at costume or specialty stores
• 1 pirate shirt or a plain white dress shirt
• 1 large green scarf, tied in a big bow and safety pinned to the neck of the shirt
• Brown or black vest (or a crazy plaid pattern) and pants
Dressing like the mad hatter can be much more fun than matching the costume. The main items needed are the hat and bow. The colors are not terribly important. The one ingredient needed for this costume is madness.
The Queen of Hearts:
• Find a red dress. Short, long, ball gown, or casual dress wear.
• Using playing cards, pick out all the heart cards and set aside. Place the cards in a V shape on the dress, starting at the waist, and go all the way down. Use fabric glue to stick the cards on.
• Cut out a large white or black heart to place on the top center of the dress.
• Wear hair in a bun and place a dress up tiara in hair.
• White gloves, gold earrings (optional)
Twiddle Dumb and Twiddle Dee:
• 1 yellow shirt
• 1 pair orange pants
• 1 piece of brown fabric to use as a tie clipped onto the center of the shirt neck
• 1 large bib
• White gloves
• 1 beany hat
• Black shoes
• Black fabric paint or puff paint
For the beany or the bib, use the fabric paint to write Twiddle Dumb or Dee.
All of these costumes are fun to create without buying the actual costume. Dressing up as a favorite character from Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, does not always take weeks of planning. It just takes some imagination and rummaging, but can safe money and shopping time.

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