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Last Minute Halloween Costumes for All Ages: Costumes to Make for Kids and Adults With Low Cost and Little Time

Published by Mellie Franckowiak

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For some people, Halloween just sneaks up on them. Unprepared and broke is no way to arrive at the Halloween party. For those who are tired of putting on a leather jacket and calling themselves a biker, here are a few last-minute costume ideas that are creative, cheap and are made of items that are readily available in most homes.

Dirty Laundry Halloween Costume

A plastic laundry basket with a hole cut in the bottom, large enough to step into and situate around the waist. The basket is filled with some lightweight clothing and an empty box or bottle of laundry soap. For an added bonus, the wearer can wear two pairs of stretchy pants, one leg in each with the other leg wrapped around and tucked into the basket. Padding the basket is recommended. Use a few pieces of clothing stuffed around the cut open area to avoid any sharp edges.

Dirty Laundry Bag Halloween Costume

Instead of a plastic laundry basket, a clear plastic bag can be used. Two leg holes and two arm holes can be cut into the bag and the top tied around the shoulders. Light clothing is placed inside the bag and the empty soap bottle, situated near the outside of the bag so it can be seen. For added touch, socks can be bobby pinned into the hair.

Jelly Bean Halloween Costume

The bag of jelly beans costume uses a clear plastic bag with leg and arm holes cut into it. The bag is filled with different colored balloons and a scarf is tied around the top of the plastic bag to represent a ribbon. For an added touch a “gift tag” can be made out of poster board and a jelly bean company logo painted or drawn on it.

Static Cling Halloween Costume

This costume is centered around a solid colored outfit – all black or all white works best. Socks, fabric softener sheets, underwear or other small laundry items are safety pinned randomly to the outfit. The wearer’s hair can be gelled or moussed to stand up for the appearance of being electro-static.

Quasimodo – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

This can be made with old, torn or stained clothes and an old coat. The more drab the better. The hump for the hunchback can be made from any kind of material that is around from old newspapers to a rolled up sweatshirt. Put the “hump” under the coat and smear dark brown eye shadow around the face and hands to represent dirt. The wearer should practice walking with a limp, keeping one leg straight and dragging behind them.

Bunch of Grapes Halloween Costume

Purple tights or sweatpants, purple shirt and green hat are the basis for this costume. Purple balloons are pinned to the costume to create the look of grapes and the green hat becomes the stem.

With a little imagination and a few items that are hanging around the house, a last-minute costume for a child or adult is just an idea away. By looking around and assessing what kind of items are on-hand, the last-minute party-goer can come up with quick and easy ideas for costumes. Very often, it is just this kind of creative costume that becomes the hit of the party.

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