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Look like a Gossip Girl for Halloween

Published by Darius Wieser

gossip girl popularity wagon. And really why shouldn’t that mean you can have some fun for Halloween? Dressing up as your favorite gossip girl for Halloween would be great for any adult party. I have a friend who suggested to me she wanted to be Blair, the only down swing is there are no commercially available costumes for Blair, well have no fear.

The key note to remember about Blair is that her style is classic, preppy and polished. She is always perfect and honestly looks like she could have just stepped off a glossy magazine advertisement for the latest big fashion magazine. She is the classic preppy New York girl and we can work with this.

A few things to keep in mind if your doing a Blair costume, she does not wear pants once in a while leggings but never paints. And never jeans. So forget about that. It’s all about the leg and all about the classic chic skirts and dresses for this Gossip Girl.

To get your outfit the first place I would look is eBay you can often find designer clothes on the cheap on the auction website. If you can’t find anything there, Shopbop’s sale section has some great bargains. There is also Charlotte Russel. Blair’s look is always the best materials and its all about the fun details, a good belt, and a fun flair of ruffle. All glamour girls live it up like that. While your shopping don’t forget that Blair likes a little pop of color here and there in every outfit she wears, so if your going with a classic black dress pair it with a red cardigan, or maybe some sassy red pumps.

For your hair, you will notice Blair usually goes for a classic look, and her signature accessory is a headband. There are lots of pictures of her having all kinds of headbands, hundreds maybe more! So don’t forget to tie your tresses back with one of these beautiful accessories. You can make your own with some fabric from the store or find your favorite at just about any department store.

Blair’s hair is medium length and brown, and always cleaned to gleaming. So make sure you give your tresses the power treatment before you head out as your favorite gossip girl. Use a fantastic volumizing shampoo, I prefer Paul Mitchell, but Pantene also has a fantastic shampoo for that. Blow dry and style in a chic look (don’t forget your headband). Use some shine additive like Citre Shine Spray Laminator, and your ready to go! The key to any Gossip Girl costume be it Blair or be it anyone else is to make sure your set in your best New York fashion.

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