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Low Cost Halloween Props Ideas for Your Front Porch

Published by Kristen Andras

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Make Your Own!

Halloween can be one of the most expensive days of the year when it comes to buying theme related products. Some people spend excess money on costumes, party supplies and even Halloween props. Sure the store has a wide selection of items to choose from, however; you can easily make your own props at home without breaking your budget. Not only will you be able to terrify the locals, but you will set the standard of what real Halloween props are suppose to look like. Below I will list Halloween props you can make with inexpensive items that can be found around your home.

The Coffin Materials: Big box (refrigerator size box)

Carving knife

Spray paint (black/red)

Crazy Glue

Duct Tape

First things first, cut the box in the shape of a coffin, make sure you cut 2 exact pieces of the coffin shape, one for the top and one for the bottom. Once that’s done, cut out the “walls” of the coffin and glue to the bottom half of the coffin piece. Wait until dry then take your black spray paint and paint the outside of the coffin, also paint outside of the top coffin piece. After the black paint has dried, get the red paint and paint the inside of the coffin, also paint the other side of the top coffin piece red. Wait for everything to dry, and then secure the top coffin piece on with duct tape. Put a piece at the top of the coffin and all the way down at the bottom, this will enable the coffin to open and close. Get your black spray paint again and lightly spray over the duct tape to give the coffin an all black appeal.

(add-on: Have someone lay in the coffin and jump out of it when people come up to the porch)

I See Dead People Materials: Old Clothes

Old Sheets, covers

The “I See Dead People” prop is one of the easiest props to make because you don’t have to have a ton of materials. All you have to do is find old clothes, such as pants and shirts and stuff them with other clothes or sheets. This will give off the look of a “dummy” if you do it right. Scatter the filled tops and bottoms all over your front porch; it will look like dead people are laying everywhere.

Classic Spider Web Materials: White String/Yarn

This is a classic Halloween prop; the spider web can spotted on every house that calls itself a true “haunted house“. What would Halloween be without the spider webs? In order to make this simple prop all you need is white string or yard. You must tie the string into the design you want it until it starts to resemble a spider web. Once you have your web design made, hang it on side of your porch securely.

Spooky Sign Materials: Cardboard

Black Paint

Glow in the dark Paint

Coffee Water

For the creation of this spooky sign, you must first cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of your sign. If you want you sign to be rectangular, cut it in that shape. After the shape has been made, take black paint and write what you want on your sign. After you have your words, let the black paint dry for a minute and then trace letters in glow in the dark paint. Glow in the dark paint can be purchased for a little under $3 a bucket. Let the entire sign dry and then smear coffee water on the sign (old coffee). This will give a rough and worn looking effect to the sign, hang it over your front porch.

The Tombstone Materials: Big piece of Styrofoam or cardboard

Dark Gray spray paint

Black paint with paint brush

Prepare for the graveyard! While you won’t be building an entire graveyard, you will be constructing a tombstone. First thing you must do is form the shape of the tombstone out of styrofoam or cardboard. After you’ve done this, take the gray spray paint and cover the entire tombstone with it. Wait for it to dry and then paint whatever you choose on the front of it. For an added worn down effect to the tombstone, prick off chunks of styrofoam or cardboard on the sides with your fingers.

The Watcher Materials: Empty Coffee Can


This prop will only do its job if you have bushes on or around your front porch. The key to this prop is the “watching” eyes. You must poke out 2 holes at the bottom of the coffee can for this to work. Put the coffee can in the bushes and insert the flashlight in the can. When people come up to the porch, turn the flashlight off and on to resemble blinking. If it’s dark enough on your porch it will appear that eyes are watching them.

Dead Mans Hands Materials: 3 or 4 Wire Hangers

Masking tape

Cotton balls

Spray paint color of your choice

The Dead Mans hands are a great prop to make for Halloween. First unravel all of the wire hangers and stretch them out until they’re straight. Once this is done, grab 2 of the hangers and tape them together with the masking tape side by side. With the other hangers, cut little “finger” lengths until you have 5. After you have all of your little “fingers”, tape them at the top of the 2 hangers you just taped together. Make sure the “fingers” are spaced out. Once everything is in place, it’s time to add the cotton balls. The cotton balls make up the thickness of your hand and fingers. Add cotton balls on each of the fingers until you get the thickness you like, and then tape them down with the masking tape. Line cotton balls all the way down the two straight hangers and tape them with masking tape also. Once everything is in place, pick the spray paint of your choice and do a layer on the top side. Once the top side is dry, flip over and paint other side, that’s it!

Smoke Filled Jack-o-Lantern Materials: Medium size Pumpkin

Small Tin can

Hot water


Small amount of dry ice

Gloves (for safety)

This Halloween prop really is one of the best sites to see. First obtain a medium to large sized pumpkin and carve it into the design you want. It’s best to make a scary face as oppose to other designs. Hollow the pumpkin out, meaning remove all the seeds and place the small tin can in the pumpkin. Once the can is in place, add a little hot water in it, couple dashes of salt and sum dry ice (use gloves). Once the dry ice falls into the hot water mixture it will begin to release tons of steam from the openings in the pumpkin. Also add the top back on the pumpkin so the steam oozes thru the face of the pumpkin.

P.S. While all of these props you can make at home for little or no cost, there are also many inexpensive Halloween props at stores such as Walmart, Target and Kmart.



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