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Mad Scientist Halloween Cupcakes

Published by Sunshine Wild

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Mad Scientist Cupcakes are very easy to make. You just need a few decorating items and then you’re on your way to having some fun cupcakes for your Halloween party. Don’t forget that you can use your own variations and make your Mad Scientist look however you want.

You’ll need:

White Rainbow Chip Frosting. I dyed mine red. The rainbow chips gave the appearance of bumpy skin.

Two gummy apple rings for our Scientists glasses, makes them really pop out on his face.

Black Dec a Cake gel to make the slits for his eyes

1 piece of candy corn with the very end cut off for our Scientists nose

3 small pieces of black licorice (the thin ones). Two for the eyebrows and 1 for the mustache.

Frost your cupcakes. Place two gummy apple rings towards the top of the cupcake to act as the Scientists glasses. Use your black dec a cake gel to make slits for his eyes in the middle of the gummy apple rings. Carefully cut off the yellow end of the candy corn and turn it upside down for the nose. Use your small pieces of black licorice, putting two pieces above the apple gummy rings to act as eyebrows, and one upside down by the nose for the mustache.

He doesn’t have a mouth. I didn’t think he needed one. Of course you could always have the mustache be a frown instead.

Quick and easy, a sweet treat kids would love to eat.

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