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Madison’s Big Halloween Spill

Published by Jennifer Hammerly

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It was a typical Halloween day kids were all excited and dressed for the holiday. Madison woke up extra early because she was so excited to be dressed as her favorite singer Hannah Montana. She headed off to school and played with her friends and paraded through the school. Everything was going great for her until she got home.

She was playing in her little brothers room when everything went downhill for her. She climbed on top of her brother’s Thomas the Train bed and somehow fell off the top. In doing so she caught herself and broke her two bones right above her right wrist.

I seeing that her arm was starting to swell in the spot where the break had occurred quickly got her to the ER. So instead of being upset about breaking her arm Madison was sad because she would not be able to trick or treat and show off her outfit. Everything was going to change for her and make it the best Halloween ever for her. The ER nurses took her around to each of the hospital departments and took her trick or treating and the different departments gave her candy, stickers, and whatever treat they had to give out. In the end she ended up with a bag full of treats and even received more treats than her brother and sister combined.

When she got home she smiled up at us and said “You know what that was the best Halloween ever,” with her arm wrapped in a pink cast. So not all accidents turn out to be such a bad thing it can be a sweet thing.



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