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Make a Christmas Snow Globe: A Holiday Craft That Makes a Great Gift

Published by Krishna Kumalaa

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What could be more tranquil or inviting than the wintery worlds peacefully displayed within the glass of a holiday snow globe? They are so intriguing against the hustle an bustle that generally fills December days that the temptation of giving them a shake and watching the snow gently resettle to the ground is almost too much to resist.

While the world inside a snow globe may seem mysterious at first glance, it’s not impossible or even difficult to recreate. With a few common household supplies and several spare minutes, children and parents can craft their own collection of interactive snow scenes. They can deliver these whimsical winterscapes as gifts to friends, family, and teachers, or keep them to display around the home with the festive holiday décor.

Supplies for Making a Christmas Snow Globe

  • Jar with a resealable lid
  • Christmas ornament to display in the snow globe
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Glitter
  • Water or baby oil for the inside of the snow globe
  • Ribbon or garland to decorate around the outside of the lid

Instructions for Making the Winter Snow Globe

  1. Thoroughly wash the inside of a clear glass jar. Jars for baby food, pickles, jelly, olives, or mayonnaise all will work well.
  2. Remove the jar’s lid and place it upside-down on a flat surface.
  3. Choose a Christmas ornament depicting a holiday or winter scene.
  4. Use a hot glue gun to secure the ornament to the inside of the jar’s lid. Parents should always be involved when a hot glue gun is being used.
  5. Pour a bit of glitter into the jar.
  6. Fill the remainder of the jar with either water or baby oil. The glitter will settle very quickly if water is used, but will take more time to reach the bottom in the thicker oil.
  7. Once the ornament has fully dried, apply a little hot glue to the inside rim of the jar’s lid and screw it into place.
  8. Wrap a decorative ribbon around the outside of the jar’s lid and use a few dabs from the hot glue gun to secure it into position.
  9. Shake the new snow globe and enjoy.

This holiday craft is a wonderful way to recycle all those Christmas ornaments that never make their way to the tree. Or, parents and children can take a trip to the dollar store and search through a treasure trove of inexpensive holiday ornaments. For more holiday craft ideas, parents and kids can check out instructions for making adorable sock snowmen, another holiday project that turns out looking nice enough to give out as a present.

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