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Make a Christmas Wreath from Recycled Materials

Published by Robbin Berge

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What you will need to complete your Christmas Wreath

  • A florist wire wreath ring
  • At least 3 metres of scrap material
  • A warm fire and a cup of tea

How to make your Christmas Wreath

  1. Cut your scraps of material into 6 inch long x 1 inch wide strips
  2. Starting on the inner of the 2 wire rings. Tie your materials into place with a firm knot
  3. When you have completed the inner ring, repeat the process on the outer ring
  4. When you are satisfied that you have completed your wreath, trim the ends to an equal length
  5. Tie a ribbon to the top of the ring to enable it to be hung from a tack
  • Hint: To achieve a good looking design, don’t clump colours together. If you have 3 different colours, say red, green and gold, then tie one colour at a time and repeat, to achieve a pattern.

Where to get your materials

Florist wreath rings can be purchased quite cheaply from eBay. They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 12 inches.


Obviously your local florist store will also have these wire rings for you to purchase.

You can use any kind of material for this project. My only suggestion would be, that you use materials that have a bit of grip, to enable you to tie a knot. Very silky ribbons can slip undone.

For your Christmas Wreath, use colours that reflect the season: red, green, gold, silver and vibrant blues.

  • Idea 1: As an alternative to your Christmas Wreath, make a Memory Wreath. I love this variation, because it has given me the opportunity to make mementos of my favourite old clothes. In the photograph, you will see a blue wreath, that I made from a couple of old blouses and a skirt that I loved. Using this method, I have a reminder of those clothes, the days out I enjoyed whilst wearing them, and space for a few more ‘must have’ items in my wardrobe.
  • Idea 2: If you have a friend who is trying to clear out the kids closets, but doesn’t want to let go of some of the dresses and blouses that mean to much for them. Make a Memory Wreath for them.
  • Idea 3: If you see materials on your travels around yard sales, charity shops and on eBay, that you just ‘have to have,’ this project is the ideal excuse to purchase what you want.
  • Idea 4: This gift idea is good for Christmas and for birthdays. Their other advantage is that they are light and cannot be damaged easily, so they are ideal to send in the post – even overseas.

Merry Christmas!

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