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Make a Scare Crow for Halloween

Published by Emanuel Lagrimas

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Scare crows are an old-fashioned staple for Halloween decor. They are easy to make and fun for the whole family. Why not make one of your own this Halloween?

First, find an old wooden chair to prop your scare crow on. A rocker is a delightful choice to use. But whatever chair you use, make sure it has a high back to prop your scare crow up properly. You can put the scare crow in the rocker near your front door to greet the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

You will need to find some old clothes to stuff. These clothes can be holey, with lots of places for the hay to poke through. A pair of large men’s blue jeans works well, along with a large plaid shirt. Flannel works well as it is strong and will hold the stuffing in place. A denim shirt can look nice on your scare crow too. Choose durable fabrics that will hold up well in the rain and wind.

A pair of old work boots and a set of leather gloves go well with the traditional scare crow. Overalls and a plaid shirt look good too.You don’t have to go traditional, however. You can dress him in any manner of clothes you like. How about a suit and tie? I’ll bet your neighbor doesn’t have a scare crow dressed that nice. You can dress it in a long dress and your scare crow is a lady. It’s all up to you. Use your imagination. Another idea for hands and feet is to use Halloween costume gloves. They make all kinds-Frankenstein, skeletons,witches, and a large assortment of other styles.

Stuff your scare crow with loose handfuls of hay, leaving room to bend his legs so he can sit. Let some of the hay poke out of the sleeves and legs and neck, tying off the appendages with twine or string. Stuff his feet and hands into the boots and gloves. Tuck his shirt into his pants, and belt it tightly. If you can’t locate any hay for your scare crow, you can stuff him with old rags or even newspaper. You can always stick some dried grass in his collar for the hay effect.

For your scare crow’s head, you have several options. You can fill a burlap bag and paint on his face, and give him a straw hat, or a cowboy hat. A jack-o’-lantern looks nice for your scare crow’s head too, especially when lit on Halloween night. If you use a lighted jack-o’-lantern as your scare crow’s head, make sure you watch it at all times as hay can easily catch fire. Another neat option for your scare crow’s head is to use a large plastic jack-o’-lantern trick-or-treating bucket. Fill it with candy for the trick-or-treaters.

Whichever way you choose to make your scare crow this Halloween, you will be sure, at least, to have a fun time making him (or her) with your family.



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