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Make a Scary Halloween Yard Cemetery on the Cheap

Published by Adell Enriguez

lights in all lighted objects. You can even put them behind the eye holes of the scary creature masks. The path to the house winds through all the scary stuff. Light the path with scary jack-o-lanterns, torches (made from cheap glass votive holders glued to poles) or just the tea lights themselves.

Cheap accessories

String spider web with spiders everywhere. This cheap stuff is one to three dollars a bag depending on size, type and quality. It stretches forever and adheres to most objects easily. You can do a huge yard with two or three bags. Other cheap items are plastic bones, mice or rats. Fake plastic bats can hang from the trees. Consider a black Halloween cat and crows as investments too. All the items except the spider web can be used every year.

Live monsters

The best monsters are the adults of the house dressed in scary costumes. Wander about the scary cemetery creating Halloween ambiance for all the trick or treaters. Reach into a bowl of slimy eyeballs (grapes in tapioca pudding) and scoop it into your mouth as kids pass you on their way to the front door. Little monsters might enjoy scaring their friends too!

Scary music and lightening

Halloween sound effect CD’s can be purchased at most retailers for a dollar and up. These feature creaking doors, howling beasts and crunching bones to name a few. Screams and maniacal laughter will echo through your front yard cemetery. Most party stores carry a cheap strobe light for 9.99 that will mimic lightening in the dark corners of the yard.

Spooky signs and symbols

Those who remember the movie “The Blair Witch Project” will remember the scary human stick shapes hanging from the trees. Make these by tying sticks together with twine. Spooky signs can be made with old wood boards nailed to wooden stakes and pushed into the ground. Write things like “Enter at your own risk” in dripping red paint on the signs.

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