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Make Dozens of Halloween Ghosts for Pennies

Published by Emelina Hopskins

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Easy Ghostly Figures for Your Home

It’s so much fun to decorate for Halloween, but when the decorations only cost pennies, that’s even better! Ghosts are a big part of Halloween and you can make zillions of them for next to nothing, and the extra bonus is that they’re very simple to make. Get out a cookie sheet and some waxed paper and you’ll be ready to get started.

Use regular yarn to create the shapes for the ghosts. The yarn color you choose will be important to the finished look of the ghost. Use black yarn to create an outline-type effect for a while ghost. Or, use green yarn to create a ghastly ghost. Another choice is to use white yarn to make solid white ghosts.

Tear a piece of wax paper and place it on a baking sheet. If you don’t have waxed paper you can use foil but the foil will have to be smoothed out perfectly. Lumps or ridges in the foil can make the ghosts turn out all wrong. Begin arranging ghost shapes however you want them to look. Make a PacMan-type shape, a Casper shape, or a different ghost shape. Use the tips of pencils or toothpicks to create points or other features on the outline. Create ghosts that have no distinctive bottom by making a shape with the yarn but leaving the bottom open. Make the ghosts as large or as small as you wish. After the yarn is exactly in the shape you want it you’ll move on to the next step.

Squirt some ordinary white glue into the yarn shapes. It’s easiest to squirt some in, work it around with a craft stick or other object, then add more glue if necessary. The glue should be fairly thin but the waxed paper under the ghost shape should be completely covered. If you want the ghost to glitter add the glitter now. White glitter looks best but you can use other colors as well. You don’t necessarily have to use white glue to make the ghosts. There are all kinds of glue choices now. What used to be regular white glue now comes in bright colors of red, green or blue – even glow-in-the-dark varieties. These give you many options for creating a bunch of different designs.

There are many different ways to add features to the ghosts. Cut tiny pieces of foam or paper to make eyes, nose and mouth. Or make just eyes using little bitty black beads. Features can be large if you use lightweight materials. Heavy but small items, like b-b’s, aren’t ideal. A great way to create personality amongst the ghosts is to use googly eyes from a craft store. Drop the facial features into the wet glue and allow the glue to set up overnight. If you don’t’ have any beads or other materials you can use markers, after the ghosts have dried, to create the features. Do something different by taking tiny crayon shavings and dropping them into the glue. The shavings will add texture and color to the images.

When the glue is completely dry simply peel the ghosts off the waxed paper. It may be necessary to trim some glue, which has run out under the yarn, from around the outline of the finished ghost. Use a needle to poke a hole in them to hang. Tack them up, on strings, all the way around the porch or just hang them on lamp switches. Use double-sided tape, instead of a hanger, and you can stick the ghosts up on walls, lampshades, cabinet doors, mirrors and other locations.

Create more ghosts by using twine, string or other outlines. Make shapes of ghosts, witches, cauldrons, bats, cats, pumpkins and other assorted characters by simply creating the shape with yarn or string. Choose various colors of glue, different embellishments, and other features so that each glue monster looks different.

You can even personalize the finished ghosts. Use a fine-tip marker to write names or Halloween greetings on the images. Let kids help create them and you’ll have zillions in no time! It’s fun to make Halloween lettering, too. Twist yarn into bubble letter shapes that you’ll fill with glue. When it’s dry you can peel it off the waxed paper, slightly wet it, then stick it on windows or mirrors. With the cost of a piece of yarn, and the tiny bit of glue needed, each ghost or other design can cost only a penny or two! That makes this craft one fabulous project!



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